Running a pharmacy becomes a lot easy if you have the correct pharmacy inventory management software. Not only you can quickly check if a particular medicine is available in your stock or not, but also get notified when you are running out of stock of some important products.

There are many powerful feature-rich easy to use paid as well as free pharmacy software solutions in the market. Some of them provide just basic services whereas some are advanced can handle every aspect of a pharma. Some of the best inventory management software for pharmacy are mentioned here.

Best stock management software for pharmacy

Best stock management software for pharmacy

Marg ERP9+

Marg ERP9+ is considered the most popular inventory management software for pharmacy. Users can keep track of the credit limit option of every customer and set a credit limit as well. The sales of medicines can be maintained by using the feature “Strike high sale management”, which helps in keeping track of the medicines that are nearing expiry date and also updating the new stock. The audit and billing feature helps in doing the audit of the whole sales process. There is a notification alert system that gives an instant alert on email or SMS. Users can use the “Stock clearance management” function to keep track of the medicines that should be sold immediately. By using the “Collaborative Commerce” feature users can upload or download any invoice and also can eradicate the mismatch happened.

Rx30 Pharmacy System

All the pharmacy management activities can be done through this software like, including prescription dispensing, fully automated refills and reminders, workflow management, medication therapy management. Rx30 can serve for a requirement of operating nearly 1500 prescription a day. It provides an independent pharmacy solution by providing services-Prescription Filling, Nursing Home services, Consulting a doctor, Receive details of payment from the patients. Data of patients can be managed from anywhere. Rx30 is partnered with SMP (Script Management Partners), which provides automated immunization reporting services to state and local Immunization Information Systems (IIS) registries.


This software is enabled with a unique feature called ‘Robotic prescription dispensing system’ which can fill nearly 150 prescriptions a day. There is no need for extra staff to cover the peak times.

Another feature of this software is the “SP Central Workflow System”, which uses the barcode scanning system. This feature helps the user in displaying electronic images of the required drug. The third-party management system (TPMS) is Scriptpro’s best feature in handling back office and any third party contract management and performance monitoring, which helps pharmacy’s to automate processing data pertaining to carriers that transact business with them. SIM (Scriptpro inventory management) helps in inventory management.

Liberty Software

This software is built on Microsoft’s newest technology platform. The user interface is very user-friendly which helps new users operate the software without any training.

The workflow of the pharmacy can be customized according to the needs by using the RPH Check, Count Que, Final Product Check features. Patients can be alerted automatically about the refilling of drugs by sending reminders through text and email. In the billing process, Liberty helps by using compounding tool set and generates automated bills.

Inventory management is made easy by using the Inventory control feature with an easy to use “Want Book” support for multiple vendors, and places orders automatically to the wholesalers.

Files of any particular patients can be browsed according to the need of drugs, doctors, prescriptions and other records.

All of the software mentioned above are cost-efficient and highly reliable with many useful features. Moreover, you can customize the according to your needs.

Now that you have your low-risk, low-cost business idea, it is time for you to determine how best to manage it.  Although it might seem very daunting trying to create a small business inventory storage system, helpful advice from other business owners, intuitive apps and strategic organization can help you come up with a system that works for you.

Managing Your Inventory

Inventory management is a method for saving money by making sure that your products that are most in demand are exactly where you need them to be and that they are easy to locate and package.  It might seem kind of silly to be thinking about inventory when you are just getting started.  However, what beings as a small idea can definitely grow very unexpectedly and quickly. Since fulfilling orders quickly is critical for keeping your customers happy, one of the keys to your success could be to start out with a simple inventory system to use in your small business.  You can even use temporary storage buildings early on so that you don’t have to commit to more permanent solutions as you grow.

Applying The 80/20 Rule

You can apply the Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule, to managing your inventory.  Basically, what the means is 80% of  your revenue will come from about 20% of your entire product line. So whether you are considering self storage, or other types of storage such as in a warehouse or locker, it is important to keep this ratio in mind.

Certain products will sell more often than others.  When you have those items nearby that can help you fill your orders efficiently and keep a close watch on your supply of product.  The key to determining which items to keep in stock is a trial-and-error process.  New business owners need to be flexible and utilize strategies that complement their personalities.

Identifying Bestsellers

When you first start a new business that it the perfect time to closely watch your sales and identify seasonality and buying trends.  There are numerous strategies that can be used for monitoring your top-selling items and managing your inventory.  It could be just something simple like placing a sticker on the shelf next to your fastest moving products.  Watching your bestsellers carefully can also help you focus on your top priorities and prevent you from having all of your capital tied up in inventory that isn’t moving.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

One thing that is critical to building up your brand is gaining your customer’s  trust.  One of the fastest ways to lose your customers trust is to provide them with inaccurate information on what is out of stock and what is available. In today’s e-commerce world it is very easy to make mistakes, especially when your products are stored in several different locations.  Fortunately, there is inventory management software available – especially those that have barcode scanning abilities – that will help you keep track of what products you have in stock.

The software definitely can make your processes much more efficient, but you still need to do quality checks and cycle counts on your inventory regularly, and a physical inventory at least once a year.

Practice Quality Control

 Having the world’s best inventory tracking will be worthless if you don’t get the right quality products in a timely manner to your customers.  Quality control and pre-package all of your products before you even list them.  Although a majority of customers these days are accustomed to instant shipping, if you jump the gun and rush your inventory out without good preparation it will tend to lead to really stressful moments.

People these days expect to get things faster and faster all the time, and so we try to do everything we can with our packaging and inventory.  That way, when you do get a sale, you will be prepared to box it up and ship it out.