Ink stains and spots on carpet can lead you in trouble as it is very difficult to clean them. You may have tried methods that haven’t worked on it. High density plush pile carpets having light color often gets such stains which are very rigid and complex for removal.

If you still find it difficult to Do It Yourself then you can call professionals to help you out. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are very efficient to deal with any kind of stains.

While cleaning ink stain from the carpet it is necessary to take care as ink stains spreads rapidly in other areas when comes in contact with water. Therefore rubbing of stains should be taken gently. Primary action that should be performed whenever you experience an ink stain is blotting it with paper towel so that further staining can be avoided.

Inks can be of varied types namely crayons that children use, ball point pens, painting ink, drawing ink etc. Accident spillage of these inks on your valuable carpet can be very depressing for anyone. But, here you need to understand how to get rid of it. Rubbing alcohol or acetone after blotting the stain can be effective. Try using non-volatile solvents for erasing the stain. The kept steps that are to be performed after this is mentioned below in sequence.

For cleaning of ink stain after blotting it prepare a mixture of hot water and mild liquid wash.

Dip a sponge in this solution and gently rub it on the stained area in circular motion. Do not apply this solution on the surface that is not experiencing a stain.

Continue rubbing it gently until the stain completely vanishes. For effective results you can also use white vinegar.

When no signs of ink are left on the cleaned area and then wipe it with clean sponge dampened in water. This is necessary to remove soap from the carpet area.

Soak excess liquid from the surface by using clean sponge.

Turn on the fan so that drying can be promoted. if you need a professional to help you with water damage , you can call Oracle water damage restoration Brisbane

If the carpet is experience ink smell, then you can sprinkle some baking soda over it and leave it for one hour, then use vacuum cleaner to remove it.

By following this simple yet effective step you can surely eradicate ink spills from carpet at your home without much investment on cleaning items. You won’t be requiring any investment on commercial cleaning products or professional services. Simply collect some basic ingredients available at your home like vinegar, mild detergent, baking soda etc and you will be done. Wondering if your carpet needs some cleaning? Read what these carpet guys have to say.