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Learn more about the central European super power

  1. In the blockbuster smash hit Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade there is a scene in which a huge pile of books are being burnt. It is the scene where Indiana meets the female Doctor among a swathe of Nazi soldiers. The uniforms these actors wore were all real, authentic war relics found in a stash hidden away somewhere in Germany, and eventually found it’s way to the production team behind the movie[Source]
  2. Unlike the Danes, any German citizen that turns 18 and thereby becomes a legal adult can relinquish all of his or her debt by declaring bankruptcy and handing over every possession that person has as that time. The balance is then set to a clean zero, so that past mistakes can remain in the past and the young individual can focus on building a real life. [Source]
  3. Due to a spite between the Germans and the British, the United Kingdom in the late 19th century started marking all their domestically produced goods with a “Made in UK” brand. This was to make sure people would know which country they were ultimately supporting, by spending their money on the products produced. Instead of deterring people from buying German brands, the British people bought it with preference to their own, as it equated to better value for their money. [Source]
  4. The deliciously scrumptious German Chocolate Cake has nothing to do with the country of Germany, instead it is named after it’s inventor the American professional Baker called Samuel German. [Source]
  5. In the early 1980’s a German landlord was sued by an evicted tenant over a case of a bad smell. The popular Swedish and Norwegian delicacy known as Surströmming smelled so bad that the jury and judge all voted in favor of the landlord. [Source]
  6. You are ordered by law to have a lunch break if you work just 6 hours or more per day. This is to ensure a number of bad practices are not taking place, once labelled a similar form of abuse as slavery. Clearly, the Germans value their food highly. In fact, only Sweden is more tight about lunch. [Source]
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Home of one of the oldest Kingdoms in the world

  1. Hans Island is a small island that lies somewhere in between Greeland and Canada. Both the Danish and Canadian government claim the ownership, and even go as far as to send military personel to remove the opposing countries flags, and set up their own instead. [Source]
  2. In both Denmark, Norway and the Faeroe Islands, an old tradition had girls knitting a penis warmer, or cock sock, for their partners. This was the ultimate test for their relationship, because if the guy did not want the present, then it meant he did not want to marry the woman. [Source]
  3. The LEGO factory is so advanced in technology, that no people working there ever see the small LEGO blocks when produced. So when you purchase a pack of these squares, you’re the first one to set eyes on them! [Source]
  4. Denmark has been at war with the Spanish city of Huescar for more than 170 years. Both sides had forgotten about the war that was only started due to alliances, until a historian uncovered evidence of this ancient casus belli. No casualties were recorded for either side in the longest war of all times. [Source]
  5. In the 1700s a number of depressed and religious Danes were so afraid to commit suicide because they would end up in hell for their sin. So they chose to murder innocent people, so as to be given the death penalty and therefore die without sin. [Source]
  6. Denmark is one of the few countries that openly have so called “drug rooms” where drug addicts can take their drugs under a supervisory professional. This has helped eliminate a number of deaths due to bad injection since the establishment.  [Source]
  7. Since the Danes in 2003 decided to limit the percentage of fat in foods, the people have had 50% less heart diseases and attacks related to this cause. In general the Danish people are some of the most healthy on earth, in no small part to their attention on diets[Source]
  8. Back in the early 700s one of the very first Danish kings, Harald Wartooth, was afraid to die out of combat and thus relinquish his right to join his fallen brothers in Valhalla asked the rival king of Sweden, Sigurd, for a full on battle. The Swedish king agreed, realizing he could gain rule of Denmark if he were to win. Harald was killed alongside more than 30,000 soldiers from both sides, and Sigurd claimed Denmark for his own. [Source]
  9. There’s a tax on the majority of new car sales in Denmark of more than 170%. Lately this number have been changed to reflect a slight decrease in regulations, but still a drivers license costs most than $1600 USD. [Source]
  10. During World War Two, Germany was sending spies across the border in alarming numbers. The Danish officers were instructed to ask for identification by pronunciation, meaning that anyone claiming to be Danish should be able to say “Rødgrød med fløde” – a notoriously difficult sentence to say. [Source]
  11. Keeping to the war, when Hitler sent a memo to organize all Danish Jews to be sent to camps, the Danish people rallied together and evacuated more than 99% of all the jews in the country via route of Sweden. [Source]
  12. The small coastline heavy country exceeded it’s own power needs by producing an excess power of wind energy. Most of the wind turbines are located in the ocean and out of the way for most people. The country is known for it’s environmentally friendly policies, and their pledge of having their entire country run by clean energy. [Source]
  13. The Bluetooth technology was actually named after an ancient Danish king by the name of Harald Bluetooth. Even the logo has his stamp on it, since it is based his initials written with archaic Nordic rune scripture.  Furthermore, the Dutch mobile app scene is also including Viking mythology in various ways. [Source]
  14. People in Denmark love to bike. In fact, in the capital of Copenhagen there are more bicycles than citizens. The medieval city has more than 300 miles of designated biking lanes, and the number of bikes outmatch that of cars five to one. [Source]
  15. Danish scientists have concluded in their research that blue eyed people might be related to all other blue eyed humans ever to have lived. They believe that there was a single individual known as the “founder” who was responsible for the spread of the eye color. Being the only blue-eyed male when everyone else’s eyes was brown must have been quite the treat, or curse. [Source]
  16. It is illegal to set fire to flags from other countries, but actually fully legal to burn Dannebro, the official Danish flag. [Source]