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A country with 10 million inhabitants, covering 450000 square kilometers

Today we’re looking at some curious facts about another Nordic country, Sweden.

  1. If you register as a blood donor in Sweden, you can opt to get a text message whenever the blood you donated is used  in a life-saving situation. [Source]
  2. An old law in Sweden called allemansrätten (all mans rights) gives everyone access to enjoy the nature to it’s fullest extent, meaning you can set up your tent anywhere in the outdoors, as long as it doesn’t bother anyone who lives around the area. This includes making fire for catching that fish you just caught on your hike through the beautiful nature of the countryside. [Source]
  3. The capital of Sweden, Stockholm ran a pilot scheme of a so called Lottery of Speed Cameras that picked winners from a pool of contestants that did not break their speed limits in a given period. The bonus was that the prizes were paid by the speeding fines themselves. [Source]
  4. The all mighty and glorious country of North Korea owes a debt to Sweden for £240 million that has been more than 40 years delayed. The North Korean regime back in 1970’s stole a thousand Volvo’s by reneging on a deal, causing the Swedish government to send an invoice 2 times a year. [Source]

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