Been dreaming of a beautiful kitchen fit to be featured within the glossy pages of a home design magazine?

Make that dream a reality!

If you’re tired of dealing with a disorganized, greasy kitchen, then it is high time for you to consider doing a full-on kitchen renovation.

Kitchens with Zest

Turn a drab and dreary kitchen into a place full of zing and zest. Kitchens are a place where you prepare sustenance for you and your loved ones. It is important, then, that meals are prepared with positive energy to come up not only with flavorful dishes but meals showered with love.

A beautiful and organized kitchen plays a significant role in keeping your spirits up while preparing hearty meals. Results from a 2010 study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, a scientific journal, people with cluttered homes displayed higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

For a more enjoyable time making meals, it would be best to renovate your kitchen. Enlisting the help of professional kitchen design companies in Melbourne can seriously guide you in making the right decisions in your kitchen renovation project.

When you are having second thoughts, here are some amazing advantages and benefits that will remind you why it is important to upgrade to a new kitchen.

1. Updated look

Look good, feel good. This is a popular saying that proves true in so many situations, and the same could be applied to a new kitchen.

Still rooted in psychology, being in a beautiful environment increases the feeling of positivity. Clean counters, shiny tabletops, and an overall organized feel in the kitchen area can greatly improve your moods and feelings.

With the help of kitchen renovation experts, you can bring your vision to life with their expertise in designing a space that is both pleasing to the eyes and the senses.

2. Improved functionality

Stylish kitchen designs from the best designers will also increase functionality. Close consultation with these kitchen specialists will ensure that important elements of the kitchen – like the crucial “triangle” placement of cooktop, sink, and refrigerator  – will be top of mind.

Experienced and reliable kitchen renovation masters will ensure that you will have a kitchen that is working according to your needs. A well-designed space will give you practical solutions that will make it easier to move around and use your kitchen area easily and efficiently.

3. Increased comfort and safety

Renovating your kitchen will also bring in comfort and safety.

New kitchen appliances designed to be a lot safer than their earlier counterparts are available. With the right advice from kitchen design experts, you should be quickly brought up to speed on which appliances will still work after renovation, and which ones need replacing, while also keeping in mind the aesthetics of your cooking space.

Also, a kitchen nowadays is not only used for preparing and cooking food. It has also become a social zone where friends and family get together and catch up. Whether it is preparing meals together or simply staying gathered around the kitchen island exchanging stories, a carefully planned kitchen layout will facilitate better flow in and around the space.

When kitchen appliances and other items are in their proper places, the risk of accidents is also reduced. Having your kitchen paraphernalia in their proper storage spaces will significantly improve safety.

4. Reduced energy costs

With in-depth discussions with your kitchen renovation consultant, you will also be informed of other modern conveniences and innovations that will help in lowering energy costs.

From smart kitchen technology to eco-friendly appliances, you can drastically lower you energy consumption by choosing energy-efficient options for your kitchen renovation. You can also switch to LED lighting fixtures that will significantly improve energy efficiency and cut down your electrical bills, while helping reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Increase home value

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If in case you consider putting your home up for sale in the future, a stunning kitchen will definitely add to its resale value.

Upgrading the look, style, and functionality of this home space can certainly give added appeal and make buyers consider purchasing your house. Prospects will surely be enticed when they see the thought, care, and attention to detail you and your kitchen designers have put into making a highly operational kitchen.

Style and Substance

Home improvements do great things to improve your overall well-being. Upgrading specific rooms in the house, like your kitchen, will not only make your home a more conducive place to live in but also a place that will bring members of the family, as well as friends, together.

Form and function is what you will get when you hire kitchen renovation specialists. The benefits of cooking up a kitchen concept that will ultimately make your kitchen organized, efficient, and gorgeous. A pleasant place that is free of clutter will bring much joy and comfort leading you to be more inspired in concocting divinely decadent dishes for the whole family.

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Kitchen remodel is one of the most discussed subjects among interior designers. These projects can be time-consuming as well as expensive. Needless to say that if you are going to remodel your kitchen, then you should do it the right way!

That being said, experts like Novus Homes share some of their favorite tips and suggestions for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project. In this article, we will talk about their experiences that will help you rebuild your kitchen with professional efficiency.

Know your Functionality

The first and the most important consideration when undertaking a remodeling project is to know the use of your kitchen. Do you need expensive electrical appliances? Would you prefer to use gas or electric? Do you cook foods with potent spices to make ventilation a necessity? Would you like to have easy access to knives and other kitchen equipment? Answering these basic yet important questions will give you clarity about how to plan your functional space. While aesthetics are important, knowing your utility can go a long way in designing a practical kitchen. Pay attention to your favored details and things that stand in the way of your seamless routine. This will help you incorporate necessary changes to the rudimentary plan.

Use the Magic of Colors

By leveraging contrasting colors, you can add a lot of depth and dimension to your kitchen. This is a rookie trick that all designers incorporate in their designs to alter the perception and give an unobstructed line of sight. This is especially true in the working areas. Colors can define areas with ease and can really make your workspace stand out. You can choose to work with contrasting colors or consider using varied tones if you don’t want to go monochromatic. This tip alone will add a lot of visual appeal to the room. Put your color palette together by choosing warm and cool shades or mixing neutral colors with bold primary colors. You can then play with the design by either focusing on a single item with a bold color, such as the work counter, or let the element of your palette define the theme of the space.

Keep your Existing Layout

By retaining the existing layout, you can save a lot of your money and time in rebuilding the kitchen from the scratch. Sometimes, simple edits alone can give your kitchen a fresh spin. This especially works wonders if you want to change the way your kitchen looks without spending a fortune. Needless to say, your budget defines how creative you can get with the design. However, one should never underestimate the cost factor, even if you have a handsome budget. Meet a few professionals to get ideas from them. You can also ask for quotes to get a realistic idea of the actual cost and practicality of remodeling your kitchen.

Redo your Backsplash

If you want to add the illusion of height to your kitchen on a minimal budget, then consider taking your backsplash all the way to the ceiling. This trick not only adds finesse to your kitchen design but also creates more tallness to the room. Moreover, a vivid backsplash can also become the focal point of your kitchen with relative ease. If you really want to do more with less, then this tip will change your kitchen’s visual appeal dramatically.

Consider Updates and Edits

Sometimes what you need is small edits and updates rather than a complete makeover. These can be taken up as DIY projects that will change the look and feel of your kitchen. Making minor changes such as changing the upholstery of your bar stools or upgrading the lighting scheme can do the trick and break the monotony. You can also replace shelving with cabinets or vice versa. Breathe life into your kitchen by adding some aesthetic touch-ups and make it feel livelier. If you are unsure whether you need a remodel or a quick update, then answer one simple question: are you after functionality or appearance?

Usually, people prefer kitchen remodel when they are looking to enhance the usability of their kitchen. However, if all you need is a little enhancement, then you can usually get away with trendy designs and small edits. Adding accessories, wall art, etc. can give your kitchen the overhaul without the need for a full remodel.

These simple hacks are a good starting point for your kitchen remodel project. Any designer worth their salt will know the importance of a kitchen that offers visual appeal and functionality in equal measures. The only challenge is to ensure that the two meet halfway without blowing the client’s budget.