Engagement ring

Every girl would have dreams and desires about the big day. Weddings are of great buzz, but a special day where a to-be couple agree to stay together for years and beyond is equally remarkable. It is the move towards a lifetime together! Whether it is the first time someone proposes to their soulmate or a couple who want to get married soon, the engagement day is extra special. Buying the perfect from the best choices of engagement rings to offer your lady love is a sensible idea.

An engagement ring has to be unique as it is not an ordinary ring and would tell the world that the woman is engaged. Many couples these days shop their engagement rings together. But it would be great if the perfect ring is a surprise to their partner at the doorstep. For a woman, it would be a day to cherish forever! But when men have to shop for jewellery alone, it could sound like an arduous task. But, go ahead after all this is the first step to promising a lifetime. So to make the journey easy, here are a few tips for picking the perfect engagement ring.

1. Decide the Budget

Engagement rings are mostly diamond rings. And it goes without saying, diamonds come in several price ranges. So, it is essential to choose which price range best suits you. It is always preferable to set a realistic budget rather than feel stressed about the financial situation later.

2. Be Sure About the Style

One’s partner may be specific about the jewellery they wear. And some others love experimenting with new styles. So, it is first necessary to find out what the partner would like on their engagement ring. To find this, one can observe and find if they like modern or aesthetic designs, if they love silver gold or rose gold etc.

3. Get to Know Their Size

This step may be the trickiest part if one’s planning to propose to their girl with an engagement ring. However, if a couple is shopping together, this might be easy. But both ways, picking the right size is an unavoidable aspect.

4. Rule Out the Shape and Metal

Here comes the most confusing step where men are always in a dilemma. There are several diamond ring shapes and, if one wants to add love to the ring, they can pick a pretty heart-shaped ring. Or, if they desire the ring to suit every outfit, a classic round cut can be the best. If one is okay with higher budgets, picking a Marquise cut ring, which increases the carat size, can be an impressive option. The band’s metal options include rose gold, white gold and platinum. However, a perfect engagement ring is usually of white gold metal.

5. Check for Certification

On discovering the suitable engagement ring, always remember to look for the ring’s certification. A certification from a reputed diamond lab indicates that it is an authentic diamond.

Following these guidelines can be of great help to one’s engagement ring shopping. However, it is also essential to know some basics of diamonds to get the dream ring for one’s spouse-to-be.