An anal fissure is a cut or tear in the moist tissue of the anal opening. The symptoms which are exclusive to anal fissure includes severe pain and spasms that may persist for several hours after a bowel movement. If you feel any of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately as fissure can turn chronic.

Surprisingly, more than 14% of India’s young population suffers from chronic bowel movement. Anal fissure and other disorders are spawned by constipation. Did you know that 60% people in Bangalore with anal fissure try to opt home remedies as the most preferred treatment option for relief!

Let’s try to understand the various aspects of fissure more thoroughly. In general, anal fissure looks like a paper cut. A tear will be present along with two lumps or tags of skin, one internal and one external in a chronic fissure.

What are the causes of an anal fissure?

There are many causes of anal fissure. The condition arises due to

  • passing dry or hard stools,
  • straining during childbirth,
  • tight anal sphincter muscles, or
  • frequent bowel movements.

Anal fissure may also occur due to conditions such as anal cancer, herpes, HIV, or syphilis. It is always better to lower the risk of getting a fissure than recovering from that.

How can you prevent fissure?

  • Don’t strain while passing stools
  • Keep the anal area dry
  • Don’t ignore your urge to go
  • Don’t rush into passing the stool
  • Gently wipe the anal area with a soft issue after a bowel movement

How an anal fissure is diagnosed?

A doctor can diagnose an anal fissure just by physically looking the anal area. If he still is not confirmed then he might suggest a digital rectal exam (DRE). In a digital rectal exam, a special device is inserted into the rectum to view the tear properly.  Without a proper diagnosis, doctors cannot provide you with an appropriate treatment.

How Anal Fissure can be treated?

Although anal fissure tend to heal on its own within four to six weeks, surgeries are highly recommended if fissure become chronic and become unresponsive to medications. You can use some stool softeners and pain relievers which can promote healing and help you relieve some discomfort. Applying ointment also helps. To relax anal muscles, doctors suggest taking sitz baths. If your fissure is still not being treated with any of the above mentioned solution, you can opt for a laser surgery.

Benefits of laser treatment for curing fissure-

The most advanced laser based surgical procedure of anal fissure is one of the latest procedures for curing fissure. If you are one of those who are scared to go under-the-knife, you’ll be glad to know that in laser based surgeries, minimum pain is felt.

You can also resume your daily routine within a week. Some of the benefits of laser fissure surgery are listed below-

Proven to be more successful than other surgeries. Various studies reveal that laser surgeries for fissure treatment have been proven to be more successful than conservative surgical methods.

Simple procedure. Doctors suggest this surgery as laser therapy is a simple procedure that has a low rate of complications.

Minimum pain. The treatment is called as minimally invasive procedure which ensures there is minimum pain and low risk of recurrence. The treatment also offers faster healing since the incisions are smaller.

Reduced risk of complications. Although the advanced treatments involves fewer postoperative complications with minimal bleeding. The complications may arise in rare cases which can be avoided by selecting a good fissure specialist.

Not time- consuming. Laser surgeries take only 30-40 minutes to complete. So after the procedure,  you can go back home.

The most-advanced treatment for curing  fissure

The discovery of laser-based surgeries have revolutionized the surgical industry. These are USDFA- approved procedures which are performed to cure various diseases. PristynCare Bangalore is known for its world-class infrastructure and clinics which are equipped with the most-advanced technology which ensures a seamless surgical experience to their patients. Their doctors are highly-specialized in performing laser treatment for treating fissures, fistulas and piles. Their medical coordinators are always available to resolve any query the patient might have.

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