Getting the appropriate set of discounts and offers on all the daily necessities becomes a little difficult keeping in mind the increasing variety, price and other factors. Equipping the exclusive deals that are provided on the online shopping stores is a convenient method to overpowering the excessive expenditures. With use of such coupons on home appliances, the overall expenses are curbed significantly.

Zoutons is one of the most popular coupon aggregation website in India which is focused to provide every possible deal on every other product. There are n-number of brands and offers on the website which are extracted from different e-commerce stores for the users.

Major Home Appliances Offers

Regarding it as an exact layout, Zoutons is known for providing coupon codes & offers, on consumer preferred categories from leading online stores, after a complete regular updating process. Out of the many stores for different categories, Amazon, flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq are some e-commerce stores popular for home appliances.

Also, carrying out the filtered matter, categories have been made according to what the consumer demands usually. Electronics, Kitchen Appliances, Small Appliances and Large Appliances are the sub-divisions or categories for the same. Application of such offers helps the viewers get their requirements fulfilled at marginalized prices quite easily.

Some Major Categories for Home Appliances


Electronics comes as the category which deals with the offers on Laptops, Computers, Mobile and Accessories. Here, the users will be able to find exact deals available from different specialized stores. The accessories segment includes Data Cards, USB, Pen drives and a lot more. For the ones who prefer buying electronics online, such a category becomes the most surfed.

This particular category is popular amongst many online shopping stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Snapdeal, Shopclues etc. Also, each of store specializes in providing unique offers throughout. There are many expert brands relating to different products like Vivo for Mobiles and Dell for Laptops. Some of the renowned electronics brands are Samsung, LG, Apple, Lenovo, Asus, Vivo, dell and more.

Kitchen Appliances

Under this category, several Kitchen Appliances like Dish washers, Kitchen Tools, Mixers, Juicers etc. can be brought with use of special coupon codes from Zoutons. Whatever the need be, variety can be explored through and through. The stores that offer the Kitchen Appliances are Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Amazon and Naaptol. Super brands like Prestige, Bergner, Pigeon, Tupperware, Milton are discounted under the offers.

Types of products available under the category are Bottles & Containers, Pots & pans, Cookware, Pressure cookers, stoves etc. All of these commodities are stacked under affordable prices brought down with use of discount coupons. 

Large Appliances

Microwaves, washing machines, Air-conditioners, are some of the appliances which are covered under large appliances. These are counted as the Home appliances available on many online stores. Best discount coupons & offers are provided by stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Paytm Mall etc. with top brands like Samsung, Godrej, Whirlpool, LG and more.

Major Stores for Home appliances:


  • Flipkart is one of the most popular online shopping stores which provides so many discounts on almost all categories. Home Appliances is one such category which the store masters in. Herein, the users can get up to 70% discounts on different Appliances.
  • Broadly, Flipkart enables the users to get exchange offers on Home Appliances and also provides bank offers in order to incur 10% cashbacks. With use of Axis Buzz credit cards, the consumers can get extra 5% cashback on net purchases.
  • Flipkart is a store which has been serving its consumers since a long time. The quality is assured and the authenticity of the website generates a sense of trust amongst the users making it a beneficial sales & purchase.


  • Amazon is the ultimate savior for the online shopping masses which ensures that each category serves with satisfactory discounts.
  • Under the home appliances category on Amazon, there are big brands like LG, Samsung etc. to provide the best available quality. Moreover, regular site-wide discounts tend to make the shopping efficient for all the users.
  • On use of debit or credit cards, the consumers might get their hands upon additional cashbacks of 10% or more. Besides this, special coupons on home appliances from Amazon can be used to get the overall payable amount cut short to a convenient value.


  • Providing consumer satisfaction, shopclues tends to deliver the preferred home appliances from renowned brands under sufficient discounts. On this store, from the home appliances category, the user will find water purifiers, irons, emergency lights, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and many other products to fulfill daily necessities.
  • Some of the best shopclues offers on home appliances are- Discounts of Rs.1200/- are applied on water purifiers; Irons available at 80% off etc. many e-wallet discounts, coupons & offers can be availed under shopclues offers to cultivate more value backs.
  • One should prefer shopping from shopclues as it focuses on the provision of best quality products at best market price. It is affordable and reliable as well.


  • Snapdeal has a lot of products, categories, brands and offers in store for its consumers. Be it Electronics, Fashion Apparels or Home appliances, one can completely rely upon what the store delivers.
  • The home appliances category on Snapdeal consists of Water purifiers, Gas stoves, Air-conditioners, Juicer & Mixers, Inductions and a lot more.
  • Here, several popular brands like prestige, havells, hindware, USHA, Bajaj etc. are compiled together with exclusive deals & coupons for each. Snapdeal conducts the everyday offers with 40% off on Kitchen Appliances, up to 60% off on Home & décor, electronics at 55% discounts.
  • Snapdeal is not only a renowned brand but it also has a goodwill in the market which ensures that the preferences of the consumer are fully met. Because of which, it is good to choose snapdeal in order to make online purchases.

Near Buy

  • Near buy is an all-rounder online shopping store from where the users can allocate resources & goods preferred. Here the home appliances from varied sellers are clustered under discount coupons providing 80% easy discounts.
  • One should prefer buying from Nearbuy as it makes the consumer experience the purchase. Explore the categories on the store, make a good purchase, and enjoy the service by presenting the nearbuy voucher on the app.
  • Such offers and coupons are hard to resist as they satiate the pocket expenses very easily.


  • Enjoy the best deals on home appliances from the greater known online store Naaptol. As the name suggests, the store also measures the estimated price and quality of the product and then makes it available for its consumers.
  • Buyers of Naaptol store enjoy full access to quality merchandises with more than 50% discounts on all the Home appliances. Flat 10% cashback can also be availed with successful payments made through Mobikwik wallet.
  • Indulging such offers, applying the unique coupon codes available on zoutons can render you a bill which is not at all heavy on the pockets. Shop, but shop wisely.

Tata Cliq

  • Popularly known for the electronics, Tata Cliq also specializes in different categories like Home appliances ensuring highest quality for the viewers.
  • On the store, there are different segments of home appliances like Air purifiers, water purifiers, vacumm cleaners, fans and a lot more. All these products are brought together from giant brands for example- Bajaj, Aeroguard, Blue star, Kent, Pigeon, Prestige, USHA etc.
  • In broader terms, up to 80% discount can be attained on almost all the brands with extra Rs.400/- off via SBI Debit/credit cards.
  • Equip the coupons & offers with tatacliq’s assured quality to get benefits on your everyday purchases because expenses cannot be decreased, but the net payables can. 


  • Paytm is the most popular and the strongest new online shopping center which is trusted by a large number of audience. Apart from providing coupons for recharges and bill payments, paytm has introduced its Paytm Mall which specializes in the everyday requirements and necessities such as clothing, electronics, home appliances etc.
  • On this store, the consumers will find several brands and a large number of latest products from Home Appliances. You can save up to 80% with paytm mall offers on home appliances.
  • if you wish to make efficient purchases, paytm is the right choice in terms of discounts, prices and offers.

How to avail these Home Appliances offers?

The coupons available on each of the store are very easy to use:

  1. visit the zoutons website or mobile app
  2. either search for the Home Appliances category or the store from which you wish to purchase
  3. You will see numerous coupons listed on the page
  4. Read all the terms of the offer carefully and then choose the best offer for yourself.
  5. Once you click on the coupon, you will be redirected to the store landing page
  6. Add the products to cart, apply the unique coupon code (if any)
  7. Even if there is no coupon code, the respective discount will be applied to the cart automatically.

How can you stay updated related to latest offers and sales?

  • In order to stay updated with all the ongoing and upcoming offers, one can subscribe to the zoutons newsletter by entering the email id. With this, regular updates will be sent to the user’s account regarding which store is up with which sale or discounts. This newsletter provides a slate of updates about ongoing & upcoming online sales across the internet.
  • Zoutons has recently launched its mobile app for the users to stay in touch with the best coupons everywhere, anytime. Notifications for the app can be enabled in the device which renders timely reminders about all the latest offers & coupons.


There are more than 75 categories from approximately 200 online stores with 40-50 coupons under each store on Zoutons. Between these, one of the most popular category is Home appliances which consists of products like water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and a lot more. Special codes can be applied on the purchases in order to avail best discounts.

Your kitchen holds a very special place in your home as well as in your heart! If you are an ardent lover of food, then you must be spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen experimenting and creating your favourite delicacies. It is extremely important for you to feel happy in the kitchen if you want to make good food. Not only this, your kitchen also has to be well organised so that you feel no less than a michelin star chef when you step inside your kitchen!

If you are planning to get your kitchen refurbished or execute some DIY skills of yours to give your favourite place a makeover, there are a great deal of ideas present online that will help you achieve your goal with perfection. If you do not want to invest a big share of your hard earned money in decorating your kitchen, you might go with the DIY ideas, and some essential hacks that will change the entire look. Stock yourself with ample accessories, adhesives and velcro so that you are do not run out of these essentials while revamping your kitchen. If you are into extensive decor of the place, you may order bulk tapes and hooks from MPD hook and loop and you are good to go for your makeover marathon!

Some of the ideas that you can use for your DIY kitchen renovation are listed below, have a look!

Paint your kitchen cabinets- One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your kitchen a fresh look is to give your cabinets a new colour. You can go along with any colour scheme, maybe a dark, coffee colour in contrast with the white walls of the kitchen, or a subtle white or cream background and cabinets for uniformity and that easy breezy look. A lot of people have also chosen to have bright, citrus colours like orange , yellow and green to paint their cabinets for a funky look in the kitchen! Painting the cabinets sets the tone of the makeover theme and you can align the rest of the revamping according to it.

Rethinking the storage- having a good kitchen is all about having it managed perfectly. There are so many accessories in the kitchen which occupy a lot of spice so it is quite obvious to have a space crunch. But if you consider to give a thought to your storage option sin the kitchen, you might as well be able to give a new look to it. Instead of having the regular shelves in the kitchen, you can opt to have pull out drawers, open shelves for cutlery storage, or small,strategically placed closed shelves that let you use maximum space in the kitchen. Not only it will add a distinguished element in the kitchen, it will also make sure that your utensils are not lying around on the counter tops aimlessly, making your kitchen look like a mess.

Interesting cabinet handles or drawer pulls- just painting your kitchen cabinets or shelves is not sufficient, the real deal is getting exciting cabinet handles and drawer pulls for the newly painted cabinets and shelves. Depending upon your colour scheme or design scheme, you can choose from a large variety of handles available in the market. Choose hardware that can accentuate your cabinets’ look and style and match the design scheme, whichever it may be. You may try for wooden pulls or metallic bars or maybe funky handles to give your kitchen a new look.

Appliances as decorative items- no, we are not talking about the big cooktops or refrigerators, here we are keeping in mind the small appliances like a kettle, a toaster, a food processor. Choose funky colours that are in accordance to the colour scheme of the kitchen. These appliances will surely catch everyone’s eyes and make your kitchen look more beautiful and colourful!

Author Bio : Ben Helm is marketing manager for MPD Hook & Loop, providers of Velcro Brand products to businesses and consumers throughout the UK.

Designing the perfect kitchen for your home requires a plan. It also entails following this plan, and at the same time, allowing for some flexibility as the need arises.

To achieve such necessary balance, it’s important to get experts to guide you along the way. With the help of trusted interior design and fit out specialists, you can implement the following best practices to help you design the perfect kitchen for your needs:

1.    Know your space

Before you begin looking at different kitchen materials, fixtures, furniture and appliances, you need to have a clear picture of and understand the space you will be working with.

If you want to have a professionally-designed cooking area, ask a kitchen or interior designer for scale drawings. With these drawings, you will see exactly how much room you have to work with and use them to plan your design.

Start creating your layout by thinking about the location of the internal and external doors and windows. By doing so, you can work on the best flow possible between your kitchen, outside space, and the rest of your house in the design.

2.    Focus on your style but allow for some eccentricities

To have the perfect kitchen, make sure this room features a flawless blend of your personal style and some unique design features. This means aiming for a brilliant, standout kitchen instead of just an average one.

Your home was created based on your own style, taste and sensibility. As such, your kitchen should relate to the rest of your home. However, it should also have a unique quality, that breath of fresh air that will make it both impressive and exceptional.

Keep in mind that playing it safe is excellent for investment properties. But to have the perfect kitchen for yourself, you have to be more creative and think outside the box.

3.    Prioritize functionality in your design

All elements of your kitchen design should have a purpose. By doing so, you can get more from your space and every feature or fixture that you will have installed.

When designing your kitchen, you don’t want it to just look incredible. It has to be practical and ergonomic, too. You, therefore, need to have a layout that is aesthetically appealing and works efficiently at the same time.

4.    Select materials carefully

To get more from your investment in your new kitchen, pick durable materials that last long and need little maintenance.

Marble can really look great for your sink and kitchen top. However, it is porous, absorbs stains, and requires substantial maintenance. Stainless steel looks magnificent as well but it scratches easily, too.

If you are having a hard time selecting the right materials, take a cue from the best designers from interior companies in Dubai: they employ a user-first approach. For your own kitchen, think about your and your family’s needs and lifestyle first, and work with your kitchen design specialist using that information.

5.    Don’t forget storage

The kitchen is one of the areas in your home where you will store a lot of items. As such, make sure it has the right number of storage units.

The good news is there are different types of storage solutions you can choose from. These include kitchen cabinets, shelves, pantries and even built-in drawers in the kitchen island.

6.    Consider appliances you want to have in your kitchen

Knowing the different types and number of appliances you plan on putting in your new kitchen will help you come up with the perfect layout. It is best to list all of them down so you have a good idea of where to place each one so they don’t clash with the design and enhance kitchen functionality.

If you will be buying new appliances, remember that you don’t always have to pick the most expensive ones. However, it is best to choose well-known brands as they usually come with a warranty, and you won’t have to worry about finding spare parts and experts to repair them in case they break down unexpectedly.

7.   Integrate the most suitable garbage solution

Finally, don’t forget the nitty-gritty daily needs of your kitchen space. This refers to the area or fixtures where you plan on storing your garbage.

A smart and convenient idea for kitchen garbage storage is to place pull out bins under the sink. If you have more space and need something larger, you can add a full-length pull out bin. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the best place to keep a bin or a garbage receptacle is near the sink.

Even if there are more available resources today, designing the perfect kitchen is still a challenging task. It is always best to get help from professional designers so you get the end result you are looking for without wasting time, effort and money.