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I got into an argument with my younger sister . I was intent on what I was saying and she wouldn’t budge from her point of view. Amidst it all, with fury and rage burning me up, I stood up and slapped her hard on the face.and after one week, having looked back on the past events I realized i what a small thing it was over which we fought so much that it resulted in my mother and my sister no talking to me for a whole week. This was us when we were kids now, that i look around i find people no talking to their own siblings, their close relations or friends just because no one wanted to apologize for their actions or words, so today I’d like to share a few statements which might help in convincing you to say a simple sorry to a loved one and get the inner peace you’ve been looking for so long here and there.

An apology is almost like the magician’s bandaid we got when we were kids, it heals instantly. As we grow up, an apology does not mean an immediate response to breaking something accidentally or hurting someone physically, so we wouldn’t get in trouble. As adults, apologizing means accepting your mistake, it means stopping your ego from taking control of your decisions and letting you consciousness do so. It requires the highest of human capacity, its mindfulness and self reflection. And with all that you need, you’ll be the magic wand to heal skin deep wounds and repair broken hearts.

Here are some tips for you if you’re thinking of  apologizing to a loved one:

  • Don’t do it with words, let your actions do the talking. If you’re really sorry, change the behaviour, bring out the new and improved you and imply the fact that whatever happened between the two of you won’t ever happen again, at least not on your watch.
  • Go old school. Yes, bring them flowers to say sorry or sorry cards. Trust me, it works! It might sound cheesy to you but this is the best trick yet to convince someone to forgive you and let the grudges in their hearts go.
  • Don’t keep yourself from doing something grand for them in fear of them not finding it in their hearts to forgive you. Put in your best and then leave it to fate to decide whether or not it will workout between the two of you.

You can’t force someone to accept you so just do your best and let fate do its job. May the odds be in your favour.

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