If you are buying a storage building, there are a few things your supplier will want to know after you have made your selection.


They will need to know where to deliver your building, if there are any potential obstructions, such as low hanging communications lines, small gates, low hanging limbs and narrow passes.


They will need to know how to orient your building on the truck for delivery, and exactly where you want to locate the building. If there is a way to drive through the property, or if they will need to back in. If you want the door end of your building facing the front of your property, and there is no way to pull through, they will need to place the building on the truck in such a way that they can back up to the property with the door facing the front of the truck. If they can pull through, the door end could be facing the rear of the truck.


Most suppliers will want to call the day of the delivery to be sure that weather conditions are appropriate, and that you will be there at the time of delivery. If you are not going to be present for the delivery, it would be a good idea to flag the corners of the building location to assure proper placement, and make sure that the area is clear of obstructions.


If the storage building as like storage units Indianapolis is to be anchored to the ground, you should check with local utilities to be sure that there are no buried lines in the area. If you have an irrigation system, you should find out where the irrigation lines are, and be sure that the building anchors will be clear of them.


If the building is to be set in an irrigated area, some adjustments may need to be made after the building is in place in order to be sure that your building does not block any crucial irrigation heads needed to water the rest of your lawn or landscape. Thinking about the placement of the building ahead of time may help to avoid such problems.

Other placement issues

Will your lawn mower fit between the building and any trees, or other structures such as your home or your fence? Consider how the new addition will affect both living and non living aspects of your property, including such issues as air flow, and shade.

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