When carrying a Dooney & Bourke handbag, a Dooney & Bourke purse is a must. Who is the woman who doesn’t want to have a purse that fits her purse? Every woman does! It looks better. Pulling out the purse in public makes the woman feel better and matches the bag.

StarPlay ewallet have qualities that not all wallets have. They are affordable and offer the same functionality and durability as handbags. It has the same design as the bag and is easy to match, mix and match.

Dooney & Bourke wallets come in a variety of styles and colors, and in multiple sizes. Only the check purse or check cover is available with the same DB emblem as the handbag. There is no doubt when buying a Dooney & Bourke handbag, but even without a Dooney wallet, it doesn’t look perfect.

However, the wallet does not necessarily have to be exactly the same design as the handbag. That’s the good thing about wearing a Doony design. The wallet is made to suit each style. You may want to match a plain purse like vintage leather with your purse. And that’s cool! Or a signature anniversary wallet that’s too familiar. These come in a variety of styles and colors. If you want to add color to your solid color handbag, you can do so by getting a Bumblebee wallet, a graffiti wallet, or the popular “It” wallet. These wallets are designed with a color explosion.

No matter which Dooney & Bourke wallet you choose with your Dooney & Bourke handbag, the choice is always great. If you don’t currently have a Doony handbag, you can put your new Doony wallet in another bag for now. Doony’s purse and handbag look great together, but hey … as long as the purse color matches the other bags, it will continue until you get a Doony’s handbag. I am known for carrying Doony’s purses in non-Doony handbags. I change my bag from time to time, but I get a little lazy and go out without changing my wallet. Oh, don’t tell anyone.

We hope you find the perfect Doony wallet for you. They are so cute and best of all, they are reasonably priced. Wallet names include Signature, “It”, Doodle, Vintage Leather, Leather, Bumblebee, Quilt, Croco, and more. There are also some other wallets with the Doony name. Find yourself and get your wallet today.

Whenever you look for these great wallets, be sure to go online and save huge amounts of money. Buying online is always the cheapest place to find designer handbags, accessories, or almost anything. When you’re looking for that purse to go with your purse, shopping it online from a place like eBay will guarantee you the best prices around. Nothing beats the lower prices offered by online shops than retail. Find yourself and get your wallet today.

Ladies, this is the last tip for anyone considering buying. Find a wallet that comes with a combo wallet / handbag. They are the most economical to get. Doony handbags are sold online for $ 400 for a minimum of $ 250.00, and a matching wallet (purchased separately online) is available for $ 150. But if you put them together online, you could pay as much as $ 325 for the set. You are still cheaper to set than just a store handbag. It’s like getting a wallet for free, as the price is much cheaper. You are actually getting more for your money.

Again, find yourself and get your wallet today. Second, these wallets are so fast that you need to access them online now. Good luck!


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