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Located by the picturesque banks of Ganga, Rishikesh is a city that radiates magic and spirituality. This little city is brimming with life and anecdotes along its many narrow lanes, aesthetic temples, huge ghats, and its bustling markets. It is quite impossible to come to Rishikesh and not fall in love with it almost instantly. 

Rishikesh is also a great place to head off to for a day tour. While many tourists tend to stay for a night, it is quite possible to experience Rishikesh in a day. There are also several day tours to Rishikesh that you can avail. 

Things You Can Do In A Rishikesh Day Tour 

Practice some early morning Yoga

Rishikesh is the Yoga capital of India, and your day tour will not be complete if you don’t indulge in some spiritual and refreshing Yoga. Just head off to the ghats, that is bathed in silence early in the morning, and let your body speak for itself. This will also make you rejuvenated and ready for a whole day of sightseeing and fun. 

Stroll Along The Ghats

Most of the places in Rishikesh does not open before 10 am. However, you can still feel the essence of Rishikesh unfolding in front of you as soon as the sun starts to rise. Just walk along the ghats, and gaze as the holy river of Ganga. There is something so enchanting about sitting there in diffused light and watching the city gradually come to life. There are quite a few ghats in Rishikesh if you do have the time, then explore all of them. 

Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula

One of the first attractions that you will witness in your Rishikesh Day Tour will be the Laxman Jhula and the Ram Jhula. These are essentially two suspension bridges, located in close proximity to each other. These bridges are an icon of Rishikesh, and many Bollywood movies have also been shot here. In your Rishikesh Day Tour, just walk across these two bridges to see the two sides of Rishikesh. One side is filled with pious ashrams and the other is covered with shops, vendors and stalls selling souvenirs and some delicious street food. 

The Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula are always crowded with tourists and motorists. While you might get overwhelmed by the crowd, it is truly a magnificent feeling to just walk through these two bridges. 

River Rafting

Rishikesh is known for housing the intimidating and thunderous river of Ganga. This roaring river is what separates Rishikesh into two parts. So, if you want to experience Rishikesh fully in a day, then you must experience Ganga as well. 

Rishikesh is a great place for river rafting in India, and you must try your hand at it while on your Rishikesh Day Tour. There are different difficulty levels, so choose one according to your comfort and sail off with the current. There are many routes as well, and each of them is quite scenic. It is a thrilling way of experience the force of Ganga and to feel the essence of Rishikesh rushing through your veins.

Ganga Aarti

You possibly cannot complete your Rishikesh Day Tour without witnessing the grandiose Ganga Aarti. A huge tourist puller, this Aarti takes place every evening just before sunset. The Aarti is aimed at paying tribute to river Ganga, and it is absolutely magical. The flames soar up, as all of the Ghats come alive with chants and hymns. The smell of the incense sticks starts to fill the air, and the entire river gets covered in little floating lamps and flowers. The Aarti is so enchanting and powerful, that you will find yourself going into a trance. It is quite a feeling to be standing there and watching the entire ritual take place. It is humbling and soul cleansing at the same time. 

Best places to witness the Aarti: Triveni Ghat and the Parmarth Niketan Ghat.

If you just walk through the town of Rishikesh you will realise how quirky and brimming the cafe culture of Rishikesh is. So, to wind up your day tour, just sit back in one of those little cafes, sip a hot tea and let yourself be enthralled by the magic of Rishikesh. 

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