According to Park Associates’ consumer research, 38% of smart home device owners’ main reason for purchasing security devices is for the safety and security of their home and family. Homeowners and renters would install surveillance cameras to give them peace of mind.

While there are a number of front door cameras available on the market, a home security device that’s easy to install stands out. Enter  Remo+. In its mission to make home security installation as seamless and hassle-free as possible, Remo+ created the world’s first and only over-the-door smart camera. The Remo+ DoorCam has the easiest installation process. It doesn’t require wires or screws and can be easily added on to the integrators’ existing business. This easy-to-install feature is the company’s overall value proposition to security dealers, making DoorCam stand out as the best front door camera.

Here are 10 reviews that prove Remo+ DoorCam is indeed the best front door camera on the market.

Techhive, a stop for the latest news and analysis for home technology, dubbed the Remo+ DoorCam as one of the best video doorbell alternatives. As this front door camera installs without drilling holes, DoorCam is one of the best choices for renters who don’t have the ability to do any hard wired installations that might damage the property.


Gear Brain describes the Remo+ DoorCam as a different take on smart home security. Their review highlights DoorCam’s ability to stream videos to smartphones via Wi-Fi connection as well as its two-way audio feature which allows communication with couriers when no one is at home.

Home Alarm Report

DoorCam is a bit more difficult to steal,” Home Alarm Report observes. DoorCam’s high-up vantage makes it harder to grab at than your average video doorbell. Not to mention, DoorCam hangs over the door by a strong metal bracket and is further secured by the battery pack that’s inside the house by design: Virtually impossible to move once secured. “Even if it does get stolen,” the article continues, “Remo+ provides a lifetime warranty for device theft.”

Nerd Techy

Nerd Techy is impressed with Remo+ DoorCam’s 160-degree viewing angle, customizable motion detection, consistentWi-Fi connectivity, long-lasting battery life, and its intuitive alert system. As there are no complicated hardwiring needs, installing the front door camera is idiot-proof and seamless experience. Syncing the Remo+ DoorCam front door camera with the Wi-Fi connection is also quick and easy. In addition, its instant notification feature allows homeowners to accept or decline activity straight from their smartphone. Once the notification is accepted, a video stream is played and the two-way speaker turns on, allowing a conversation between the homeowner and the “visitor.” “DoorCam is one of the highest performing and most unique security camera options on the market,” concludes Nerd Techy.”Newegg Insider

According to Newegg Insider, “the Remo+ DoorCam makes smart home security simple.” Being the first over-the-door camera, one can just pull it out straight from the box and attach it to the door without the hassle of drilling and modifications. But no matter how quick and easy it can be installed, it doesn’t fall short in its purpose. With the DoorCam’s night vision, it brightens up shadows and displays fine details even in total darkness. All videos are stored in cloud storage for 30 days which can be downloaded at any time.  No wonder that this product won a 2018 CES Honoree award!

Mac Sources

The tech news and reviews website Mac Sources stated referred to DoorCam as “a nice product with a bright future”. Besides from the front door camera’s easy-to-install feature, Mac Sources also highlighted DoorCam’s cloud recording feature. It also listed the features available even on no-cloud-plan such as instant notifications, 2-way audio, activity log, live view, 3GB stories which can store videos for 3 days, and recordings playable on mobile devices.

C Net

According to CNet, Remo+ DoorCam’s unique design addresses the most common major issue with home-security cameras: poor connectivity. Since the Wi-Fi chipset and the antenna is placed inside the door, the signal doesn’t have to travel through thick building materials, which reduces interference. CNet also stated that the front door camera will fit over any residential doors.


In his product review on Dealerscope, Rob Stott stated that the Remo+ DoorCam is super simple to set up and offers a super non-invasive installation process. It is so easy to install that even the most non-techy homeowner or renter can upgrade their door. DoorCam comes with a’s free  cloud plan option that allows instant notifications, ability to stream live videos, and two-way talk. Users can also buy paid cloud functionality that allows for 30-Day rolling cloud storage


In its article, Inverse statesthat “the Remo+ DoorCam is good for home security but amazing for cat videos.” The article also highlighted DoorCam’s HD video as arguably superior in quality as compared to most home security cameras and noted that the product is perfect for buyers looking for a budget-friendly and wireless security system experience.

As crimes and robbery are becoming rampant, home security and safety systems have become a necessity. A study conducted by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice concluded that home security systems can help discourage burglars from doing crimes.

A separate study done by the University of North Carolina also stated that criminals would hesitate to break in to a home with a home security system. While installing a door camera is a must for every household’s security and safety, an easy-to-install over-the-door camera such as the Remo+ DoorCam will take home security experience to another level.

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