Leaks in your house are never a good thing. They always partner up with mold that can be toxic. No one likes water damage in their house, but people rarely think of it before it happens to them. And, if it happens, there aren’t many options that can help. You could try isolating the places, drying them, and fixing the pipes that may have caused the problem. But, you could only do more damage without the help of a professional waterproofing company.

How does waterproofing make sense as an early investment?

First of all, most concrete companies offer waterproofing services as a part of their agreement. It’s up to you to pick whether you want the protection or not. This means that whenever a new house is built, the same concrete company that lays the foundation can take care of the waterproofing. In this way you save money, and the job gets finished quicker. It’s a great way to get a whole deal package instead of calling five different companies. Read more about it on this page: http://www.ramco.ca.

How’s the water getting in?

Water problems mostly arise in basements. But, seeing where the water is coming from is more difficult than spotting the leaks. It can be from the gutters, downspouts or other drainage systems. Roof leaks and drainage are common too. Another thing that may affect the problem is the grade of soil around the house. The purpose of it should be to keep water away from the exterior walls buried in it.

What should you know about waterproofing?

The first thing to know is that there are two ways to do it. The necessary waterproofing materials include sheet membranes and sprays, which can be elastomeric or polymers. The company you hire will probably use one of these two methods. Of course, a few factors play in their pick. The first one is the initial cost of the equipment they’ll need to use, and the time it will take them to get the job done.

How much does it cost the companies to get the necessary equipment?

For sheet membranes, the equipment prices are negligible. The thing they all use is a linoleum roller, which is used to press and install the membrane to the walls. However, they use other tools as well. Angle grinders are used to clean and smooth out walls. But, many contractors have this at their disposal. Since they had already worked with concrete, the tools can be reused. The rest of them include knives, brushes, roller covers, scrapers, and similar items.

Now, the more expensive option is using sprays. But, in many cases, this proves to be the better option in the long run. Face masks, respirators, and full body suits are often used in these situations. The sprays come in tanks, and they need to be heated at a specific temperature. For this reason, many companies use trucks, and when it’s ready to go, they spray it.

What are the types of basement waterproofing?

The first type is called crack injections. This approach to repair damage is mostly used on walls. The floors aren’t fond of this approach, as well as brick, stone or cinder walls. It’s meant to be used on concrete since it involves the injection of polyurethane material in the cracks. However, most companies regard this method as a temporary solution to the problem. A quick-fix that might not hold up in the long run. These repairs cost around 300 to 500 dollars. It all depends on the size of the crack.

The other method is called exterior excavation waterproofing. This means that the company will go around 6 to 8 feet down to the foundation, and they’ll correct the drainage. They might even install you a new one if it is needed. Also, they usually apply a few sheets of waterproofing material. This ensures that water will definitely not be a problem anymore.

Furthermore, this kind of repair can be done on one or multiple walls. But, that will increase the price. Since there will be more excavating, the costs will follow up as well. The best thing about this method is that it requires zero maintenance afterward. This relieves a lot of stress, and many companies say that 90 percent of their customers want this type of waterproofing. The costs for this kind of repair range from 80 to 100 dollars per foot. Read more about basement waterproofing here.

A few final tips

No matter what type of water damage you have, the best option is to use professional help. Waterproofing is not child’s play. Most of the sprays and chemicals used take about a day or two to dry off. Every homeowner knows that structural water damage compromises the integrity of the house. That’s why it’s important to resolve the problem with the best means available.

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