An HOA is a planned community with hundreds or maybe thousands of people. It also contains various amenities such as parks, a gym, pools, etc. Handling all these people and amenities can get tiring for the board members. There are a million duties when it comes to managing an HOA, and if you are not a skilled professional, you may find various tasks difficult. 

Many HOAs, mostly the medium and large-sized, hire the services of Phoenix HOA management companies. However, there goes a lot into choosing the right ones. You must ask your management company a few questions before hiring them to make sure they are eligible to work for and improve your community. 

Questions to ask before hiring an HOA management company


  • How long have you been in this operation?


Nothing beats experience level. A company that has been in the management business for more than ten years and has successfully managed various communities is more likely to give you a good result than a company just recently established. However, do not trust a company solely because they were established years ago. 


  • Are you allowed to practice HOA management?


Some states may require management companies to obtain licenses before they can work for a community. However, an Arizona HOA management company does not need to be licensed. Nevertheless, ensure that your management company has the rights certifications confirming the skills and training required for managing a community. 


  • What services can we expect from your company?



Before initiating the process of hiring a management company, the board members should sit down and make a list of all the functions that they need the company to perform. Different companies offer different ranges of functions. Some may not provide all the functions your community is looking for. Therefore, asking this question is crucial. 


  • Can you provide references from your clients?


Experienced and skilled people always make their clients happy with their work. When interviewing a management company, ask them to provide at least ten references from their past clients. If possible, ask them to give their contact information to talk to the clients and check for yourself. When a company fails to provide references, it is a major red flag. 


  • What is your fee structure?


You must ask them their monthly fees. Make sure you select a company that fits your HOA budget and does not scale up the costs as increasing monthly dues may upset homeowners. Ask them to provide a detailed document of their fee structure. Make sure that they do not exclude any kind of hidden fees. 

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