What to do and how to promote an account to a non-networked car-service in social media? What actions need to be taken by a small car service when it is known that there are customers on Instagram, but it’s not clear how to send them from there.

Today we are talking about the promotion of auto service in Instagram. From the article you will learn what posts you need to post, how to engage the audience and how to attract new followers and customers. In addition, we will tell you that they need to do it yourself, and what can be automated and put on stream using friendlylikes.com.

Promotion of a car service or a service station on Instagram.

Profile design

The first thing to start is the profile design. Create a page on Instagram and translate it into a business profile. After that, the “How to get” and “Call” buttons will appear on the profile page. As a name, it is better to choose a search query that you can be searched for: “Car service in New York” or “Chicago”.

Next, make a description in which you can specify how you will be useful to your customers or simply list your basic services. You can duplicate the phone number. If there is a website, add a link to it in the profile settings.

It will also be necessary to make the actual Storeys, but we will tell about this later.


The next step is to develop a content plan. On average, you need to add 1-2 posts per day. Emphasis should be placed on useful and engaging content, periodically posting selling and entertaining posts.

Main topics for posts on the auto-service account:

  • Description of services;
  • work story;
  • polls and voting;
  • humor, jokes, driver’s stories;
  • auto-myths, lifehacks;
  • kitchen from the inside (photo, video, live broadcasts);
  • answers to subscribers’ questions;
  • articles, news;
  • videos with reviews of new cars;
  • who repaired customers (it was – it became).

What difficulties may arise? The daily production of photo content is expensive and requires that either the administrator assigns these duties to himself or the manager does it himself. But even in this case there will be situations when it is simply impossible to take a photo or publish a post at the right time. Therefore, it is best to prepare the content for a month or at least a week in advance. And put it on the automatic delivery instagram likes from Friendlylikes.


Instagram stories are now at the peak of their popularity. And they will stay on top for a long time. What to place car service in Storiz? The topics that we have listed for the posts will also be suitable for Stories, so we’ll go straight to specific examples.

Emphasis must be placed on the process of work. The main thing that needs to be shown is that the process is perfectly rebuilt and professionals work in the service.

It is also necessary to make current Stories, which will be fixed in the profile header. The content of these stories can be placed price, services or prices on brands of cars, reviews, answers to questions and other important information.

Attracting followers and automation

Gathering the target audience

For a profile car-service, the target audience is everyone who has a car. For car body service – these are people who got into an accident and want to restore the car. If you specialize in cars of a certain brand, then your target audience is the owners of these cars.

At Friendlylikes, you can use as sources for parsing an audience:

accounts of competitors (other car services and one hundred);

accounts with similar topics (car wash, car dealerships, car demolitions, pawnshops);

thematic publics;

geolocation (the same competitors and related companies, only geo);

hashtags (keywords, car brand names, service names).

Promotional posts

Since Instagram continues to implement a Facebook policy to reduce organic coverage, you need to use targeted advertising. As an advertisement, choose the posts that best showed themselves when publishing. For example, they collected the most likes, comments, or after they were published applications began to arrive.

Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: improve the statistics on the post on interactions and launch a knowingly effective post in circulation.


The secret of car service promotion is quite simple – the right advertising that works + good customer service. By proper advertising, we mean the one that brings a real measurable result.

Following the recommendations given in our article you can easily create a steady stream of customers from Instagram for car service or service stations.

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