Have you ever heard the saying that good fences make good neighbors?

It may seem like you’re closing yourself off, but a fence will enhance your property’s overall aesthetics and boost curb appeal. More and more people are fencing their homes for various reasons, and the fencing market has currently grown to a record $7 billion.

While installing a fence on your property, one of the most daunting decisions you’ll have to make is what kind of gate to install with it. There are many types of gates, and picking the right one detrimental to both convenience and security. With so many options available, going from the traditional wooden gates to modern automated gates, all of which come in different materials, you can easily get overwhelmed.

There are various factors you need to put into consideration to come up with the best decision. You have to factor in the aesthetic appeal, security, purpose of the gate, the best material, and the right design, etcetera.

In this post, we’ll guide you through all these factors and help you choose the right gate for your fence.

What to Do Before Picking a Suitable Gate for Your Fence

There are several things you need to tick off your list before choosing the best type of gate for your property. These things include:

Checking With the HOA/POA for Guidelines

One of the most important things you have to do is check with your HOA or POA for guidelines. It’s very important that you factor in your neighborhood’s requirements or restrictions pertaining to fence gates.

Some communities put limits on the types of gates to install, and they have rules regarding appearance and the materials to use. This makes it essential for you to check the guidelines to avoid conflicts later on. With this information, you can then go ahead to pick the best style of gate for your fence.

Understand Different Access Control Options

You can choose manual access, which you have to operate yourself, or drive-up access that uses electronic keys or swipe cards to access. Even better, you can go for remote control access or intercom access, which is simply the most secure option if you want top security and privacy. There are several things to keep in mind, like emergency service access and municipal service access, since you’ll still need to receive mail and the power and water bills read.

Consider the ease of exit, so even if you need to enter a code or swipe a card, you need to have a free-exit feature in case of an emergency. It could be a switch or a loop detector. Your custom gate installation expert can guide you through these options and help you make an informed decision.

Evaluate Available Space

It’s also vital for you to evaluate the usable space you have because it will determine the type of gates you choose. If you have ample space, the options are almost limitless, but you have to weigh your options for limited space.

Also, decide what will power your gate, because apart from manual access gates, all other types of gates require power for operation. You can opt to use electricity or install solar power, which is not only eco-friendly but will save you money. It also means that you’re going to still be operational even during a power outage.

Consider If You Want to Match the Gate to Your Home

If your home is elegant or extravagant, then you may want to consider a gate that easily matches it. The wrong type of gate will take away the overall look of your home design, so even if you like picket fences or lattice gates, consider whether they will match what they surround.

Think of the overall look of the property when the gate installation is done, and gauge whether it’ll complement or distract from the style of your home?

If you don’t want a standard gate, consider getting a customized gate that will suit both your home and fence. You can have the gate customized to any materials, styles, and design and give your home that unique aesthetic appeal you desire.

Factor in Security

Depending on where you live, security may not be a significant concern, and you may be installing a gate for aesthetic appeal. However, if it is, ensure that the type of gate you choose will keep your home safe at all times.

You may also be looking for a gate to keep kids and pets in or protect them from the pool area. In this case, ensure you get a gate that they can’t operate on their own so you can always have peace of mind.

Number of Gates

Do you want single or double gates? Consider how well you can operate double gates depending on available space.

In addition to that, it’s imperative that you consider whether you need a rear gate. It could be smaller and may not have to match the front gate, but you have to factor it in as well if you need one.

The Gate Style

There are many different styles to choose from, such as the lattice, board-on-board, privacy, shadowbox, space bar, spaced picket, and split rail. Beyond that, consider the top shape of the gate as well, which could be arched, straight or flat, and scalloped. The top patterns vary from dog-eared, framed, gothic, pointed, lattice, and squared, all of which will depend on your type of fence and personal preference.

Different Types of Gates Available

When choosing the right fence gates, you can select one that fades with your landscape or one that makes a bold statement.

There are many different types of gates that come in different designs, and they are as vast as fence designs as well. We understand that this can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve listed the different types of goods available to help you understand what would be most suitable for your property.

  1. Standard Gates

Most of the time, fence gates are built in the same style and material as the fence, which are standard Gates. Usually, standard gates are about the same height as the fence, and they are braced diagonally to keep them from warping or sagging. With this type of gate, make sure the latches are strategically placed to keep intruders out and children in.

  1. Specialty Gates

Specialty gates are beautifully designed and extravagant, and their hallmarks are usually the automation system. Of course, some special tickets can also be manual.

  1. Swing Gates

Swing gates are the types of gates that open both inwards and outwards, and they can have a single or double door construction. These gates are usually appealing and easy to install but not the most suitable for security purposes.

  1. Chain Link Fence Gate

These types of gates are incredible multi-purpose skates because they offer security and have the strength and longevity qualities that will keep your fence uncompromised for years to come. These are, of course, only suitable for chain-link fences.

  1. Rolling and Cantilever Gates

If you experience high traffic in your home or have limited space at the entrance point, a rolling gate is a good option because it will slide instead of swinging open. Cantilever and rolling gates are usually automated due to the weight of the panels, but they are suitable when space is a major concern.

Choosing the Right Fence Gate for Your Property

These are the different types of gates available and the considerations you must make to choose the right one. Having a custom gate made can be an incredible choice because you’ll have one that matches your property and meets both needs and wants.

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