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The cost of hiring pest control service ranges between $250 and $400.

Pests are annoying and can cause costly damages. They can also damage your residential or commercial reputation. That’s why it’s advisable to hire pest control services.

Timely pest control prevents further infestations and saves you the long term costs of dealing with pests. The pest control prices depend on location, types of pests, and other factors discussed in this article.

If your home is infested with pests, read on to know the average costs you may incur.

Pricing Factors

As mentioned above, the price is not constant. It depends on numerous factors, including the types of pests, location, size of the house, and so on.

Here is a comprehensive look at the pricing factors.

Types of pests

The main types of pests in homes are spiders, termites, ants, rats, insects, weevils, ticks, wasps, and mice. Cockroaches and spiders are the most common, and they also die quickly. Therefore, their treatments are quite affordable.

Termites and the other pests cause costly furniture damages. They require expensive chemicals and extermination procedures, hence high costs.

All pests can be categorized into three main groups: insects, rodents, and big animals. You may incur the following costs irrespective of the method you use:

  • Insects-$50 to $7000
  • Rodents-$200 to $1000
  • Big pests -$350 to $1000

You might incur most costs if you are controlling more than one type of pests.

Extermination Method

There are six main methods of pest control. Each technique is useful depending on the pests, the location, and the number of pests you are dealing with. These methods include:

Hygienic practices

As the name implies, the hygienic method involves cleanliness. It is a natural method whereby the homeowner decides to observe hygiene to keep off the main pests.

Hygiene can mean keeping your kitchen clean, throwing trash from your home every day, and avoiding litter in your home.

The method is quite affordable, as you won’t but anything besides observing cleanliness. You may spend $50 to $200 on the biological approach.

Chemical Method

The practice involves the use of chemicals. These chemicals include insecticides for killing insects, pesticides, and so on. The chemical method is the most effective, although it is also the costlier.

You have to buy the chemical and then apply it to the infected area as per the instructions. However, the chemicals are a bit hazardous; thus, you should only try this method under the guidance of a professional.

The chemical method may cost you anything between $250 and $1,000 per room.

Biological Method

Biological extermination is common in outdoor spaces. It involves the introduction of other animals that would prey on your pest. For instance, if you would like to kill insects in your house, the animals that eat insects would help you do away with the pests.

The trick is quite affordable, although you must engage a professional to help you chose the right preys. You may incur $50 to $200 for the biological pest control method.

Physical Method

The physical method works well for large insects, such as rodents. You can either hit them whenever you see them or set big traps on them. The technique is not common, but it can be useful for the larger animals within a centralized location.

The average pest control cost for this method is $350 to $700.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment involves the use of steam. It kills a few selected pests, such as fleas and bedbugs. The fumigator removes all clothing from the house and then sprays hot water in the areas suspected to have the pets.

The method is highly effective and affordable as well because the only requirement is boiling water. You may repeat the process every three months. This pest extermination method may cost you any amount between $2,000 and $4,000 depending on the other factors.


Fumigation is the last option for severe infestations. You can always consider it if the other methods fail to work. Mainly, fumigation is done on large residential and commercial spaces.

The fumigator removes all things from the room and sprays the most harmful chemicals. Due to the harmfulness of these chemicals, you should not get into the room under fumigation before the specified period.

Only experts should do the fumigation process. Fumigation is the most expensive extermination process, and it may costs you $4,000 to $7,000.

The Pest Control Company

Pest control service experts charge service fees for the pest control process. The cost varies among the firms, and that’s why you should compare when shopping. Ideally, the experts include the cost of the inspection, labor, and maybe the equipment they use.

On average, the experts may charge you $50 to $100 for the mild infestations in a small room. They may also cost you $250 to $350 for labor only if the room is bigger is and the outbreak is high.

Size of the House

If your house is big, you will incur substantial amounts for the extermination, irrespective of the method. This is because you have to hire more labor, buy more materials, and maybe, buy more pesticides. Conversely, a smaller house will have lower costs.

Other Costs

You may incur additional costs during your pest control exercise. These fees could include the travel expenses and the hiring costs for the fumigation firms.

You may also spend on furniture repair and home improvement if the pests have interfered with the structural parts of your house. The average cost for the home repairs ranges from $150 to $500 depending on the damage level.

Save On Your Pest Control Prices

From above, it’s evident that pest control prices average between $240 and $400. However, the price depends on the many factors, as discussed. The costs can be too high for an average homeowner, and that’s why it’s crucial to save.

You can save the pest control costs by working with experts to prevent re-infestation. You can also save by negotiating for better deals, maintaining hygiene, and observing regular inspections.

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