In today’s age, there are several ways in which you can donate to your preferred cause. The methods could vary depending on what type of donation you will give. You can use your checkbook or donate property, such as vehicles, just like the National Kidney Foundation Pick Up. The process or medium could change, but the most important thing is that you donated.

6 Ways You Can Give Donations

Use A Check

This is what is commonly or traditionally done whenever you want a direct and straightforward donation. You can write a check to give to your favorite charity. You won’t have to give out your credit cards because the check will do it for you. Even though most things are done online today, if you think that it is more convenient for you, then you should choose the old fashioned way.

Give Online Donations

As opposed to the one previously mentioned, one of the rising forms of donations these days are those that can be done online. This is because of its accessibility and ease of use that has made it popular with many people, especially the younger generation. With digital lifestyles, donations can happen online now.

Utilize a Donor-Advised Fund

Another way that is rising in popularity is the Donor Advised Fund or the DFA. This method will make use of charitable giving accounts that are offered by a sponsoring organization. These would be accessible and less costly than setting up your own private foundation. The only thing that has to be done is that you deliver the financial assistance you want and let the sponsoring institution manage everything.

Organize a Private or Family Foundation

For those with enough money and net worth to make significant donations, the best way for them to donate is to set up private foundations. But, you must remember that the IRS has numerous regulations when it comes to private foundations. This is because they will require the foundation to give out a specific percentage of their assets each year. That is why, before setting up, make sure that you have sound legal advice first and the best team to help you out with the charities and the management of the finances.

Be a Member of a Giving Circle

You might be familiar with this type of donating because it is usually seen in various communities. This is a somewhat new way of giving donations but a simple and effective one at that. There is no better way to get close to your neighborhood than by helping each other raise money for a cause. It is both fun and practical. It can also be done not just community based but also state-wide.

Donate Properties such as Clothing, Food, or Car.

The most common way to donate is by giving some of your property. You can donate your old car, for example, with the National Kidney Foundation Pick Up. You’ll be helping to finance the treatments and surgeries that many patients with kidney disease have to go through. By donating your car, you will be able to help save a life. There are also those who donate food for the homeless while some communities also gather and sell some of their old clothes for those in need of it, especially when winter comes, and some people need to bundle up because they live out on the streets.

There are several ways to donate, and you can pick from any of those listed. Just make sure to remember that no matter what form or method your donation will take, it is the selfless giving that matters and can change a person’s life.

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