For appealing the customers regarding the retail decoration it is very necessary that the given product or the process is eye-catching or enticing and can add glory to the surrounding. The self appeal is one of the most important characteristics for this appealing process.  Nowadays the old method of decoration is dominated by the new kind of decoration and that is the IML decoration. In today’s competitive market if one wants to outshine the other, enticing graphic design is very much necessary. In the case of IML, there are two different advantages available for grabbing the attention, first of all, the low cost and secondly variety of designs.

Everything that describes In-Mould Labelling (IML):

IML stands for In-Mould labelling. It is the process where the product is decorated or labelled when the object is being moulded. This a new technique which has grown the idea from the technique where a pre-printed polypropylene (PP) is fixed in the mould and this mould has the configuration of the final product, as for an example the configuration of the cheese tub. Then in the mould the molten PP is added. And finally while healing when the mould is blended with the label it takes the shape of the mould. During the production, the label is placed in the mould. Then the mould is manually closed and then the plastic resin is forcefully ejected into the mould cavity. And finally, after this process, the object or the container gets the desired configuration and designs. This process encloses the printed ink between the coated substrate and it has chemical durability and also maintains a bright multicolour graphic.

And these metallic IML appearances are very prominent, spectacular and distinctive. This type of enticing labelling of a container or object cannot be achieved by any other process of labelling. Durable plastic parts, medical device, products of the consumers, automotive components are the appliances for which this Metallic IML Decoration is used. IML decoration has long durability and is quite attractive.

Advantages and features of In-Mould Decorating (IML):

  • Multiple colours, Textures and other visual effects can be combined in a single process and integrated appearances
  • When using compound curves 3D graphics can be incorporated easily.
  • Graphic variation can be made by switching appliqué graphics on the moulded part.
  • Durability and Design option can be increased and can be used for decorating techniques like paint laser etching, hot stamping etc.

IML products are durable as the product is moulded and is a complete object. It is almost impossible to remove the labelling. The durability of the side ware of the product may also be increased by the IML.

Metallic Effects of IML-In Mould Labelling

Creation of In mould labelling (IML) decoration with fantastic metallic appearance is a great way to deduce the cost and get the best in the cheapest rate possible. It also makes the object light Weighted. Metallic IML provides the freedom of assimilating different effects, Alphanumeric texts, logos, differentiable designs, backlighting etc. Premium looks in a simple and adjustable format can be achieved by combining traditional ink graphics with the chrome, brushed metallic appearances. The metallic IML decorations add gloriousness and give a premium look to the surroundings.

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