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Ensuring victims recover a fair settlement for their claims is your prime priority as a personal injury lawyer. You are an expert in the field and have probably worked on numerous cases. However, you are not alone. Dozens or more injury lawyers often practice in the same area, which means the competition is tough. You need to decide on a budget for online marketing. If you are unsure of where to start, here is an overview.

  1. Choose a marketing agency: You are not a marketing professional and may not know how this industry is evolving. Consider hiring a reliable service, such as Nifty Marketing, to scale your campaign. If you choose the right agency, they will ensure there is clarity to the process. 
  2. Check if your website needs redesigning: All your marketing efforts are geared towards your website, where victims and prospects can find relevant information. Ensure your website is updated and in sync with the current design themes. If necessary, revisit the website design before jumping to marketing. 
  3. Don’t ignore organic marketing: No matter how much you spend on ads, you must rank organically for the targeted keywords. SEO is critical for that. Make sure every element on your law firm’s website is checked for SEO, and invest in strategies like link building. 
  4. Spend on Local Services Ads: Because your law firm’s practice area is within a city or extended suburbs, you should include Local Services Ads for your marketing. For that, the agency will first ensure you have a screen Google Business Profile. LSAs build trust and ensure you can compete with more prominent law firms. 
  5. Post regularly on social media: You can balance original content and ads for different social media platforms, but it is essential to ensure presence. You must ask the agency to include SMM in the entire process, where you can also find the opportunity to interact with clients. 
  6. Check and analyze: You should always take steps to analyze how your ad spending is helping or whether your SEO strategies are helping to get more visitors. Ask the agency to send you regular reports, and don’t step back from asking the top questions. 

Final word

While personal injury lawyers are always in great demand, having a solid presence on the web is critical. As long as you choose the right marketing firm as your partner, you should be able to see results within a short time without overdoing the spending. 

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