The Magneto Platform

A combination of IT developers and volunteers at Magneto have created a platform capable of fulfilling the unique requirements of each user. The platform was created to be both open and flexible. Magento is an enormous eCommerce company with a developer community that has remained loyal and strong. The company is always working on improving the development of their platform. Their administrative area is rich to enable the users to make the modifications necessary for their needs. This includes the content, categories and features. Everything is targeted to serve a wide variety of customer groups. Magneto is an extremely robust system able to handle nearly anything.

Once you have made the decision to establish an eCommerce venture, it is critical you choose the right platform for building the eCommerce website you will need. This platform will make creating your eCommerce website much easier. Despite the numerous platforms available, Magneto is uniquely qualified as a platform for your eCommerce business. Prior to making a decision, consider the factors offered by Magneto to help ensure your eCommerce business is successful. For additional information please visit

The Most Important Features for Your eCommerce Business

1) The cost factor

2) The customization capabilities

3) The security

4) The user friendliness

5) The business centric features

6) Widespread acceptance by the public

The combination of these features are the foundation for locating the best possible eCommerce platform. Magento excels in all of the above features. If you take the time to research the other available platforms, you will discover Magento has a distinctive edge on their competitors. The bottom line is a Magento platform will take your eCommerce platform to a new level in numerous different areas.

The Cost Effectiveness

There are two main editions for the Magento platform. These are the Enterprise and Community editions. It is important to realize the Community edition is completely free for all third party users. This includes an impressive features set and exceptional customization. You must have an understanding of the ZEND and PHP framework to use this platform. In addition, there are also a wide variety of free Magento extensions currently available. This includes the one step checkout process, Magento WordPress integration, social login, Fooman Google Analytics and numerous additional free options. When you integrate these extensions into your eCommerce store, you can extend your reach and impress your customers.

The Admin Friendly Factor

If you are an admin, once you have completed your Magento development, you will literally require no additional assistance. This is due to the sundry backend options you will find are available for the admin. These options are extremely important for saving the precious time and simplifying the work for the admin. Under normal circumstances, Magento provides admin with the options for uploading products that are:

  • Simple
  • Downloadable
  • Virtual
  • Bundled
  • Grouped
  • configurable

Magento additionally enables the admin to both delete and edit products in bulk. Admin are also able to provide in depth and complete information for products including exhaustive textual content and multiple images.

The Business Prospective

Since Magneto is a robust platform, it is also extremely flexible to changes. One of the best key advantages of using the Magneto platform is if you decide to turn your eCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace in the future, you will not encounter any hassles. Magento does not put any limitations on your product or store count. You are able to add as many as you need. The sophisticated functionalities and indigenous design offer you the support required by a multi vendor marketplace. This is consistent with the performance and features necessary for popular marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Magneto also provides responsive themes. These are capable of providing an unbiased user experience to the consumers using a mobile device to access your website. Magento additionally enables the creation of an exclusive mobile Magento app for your website.

Performance Optimization Options

One of the most incredible features of Magento is the ability to optimize the loading speed of your eCommerce website from the backend. Magento provides you with a default cache referred to as the file system cache. You can improve your loading speed and render cached pages specifically for your visitors by enabling this cache system. You can use extensions such as the full page cache for the same purpose. You can control your HTTP requests by merging CSS files and JavaScript files together. There are options at the backend to merge CSS files and JavaScript files under your configuration tab. You can click the merge option to help prevent your loading speed from becoming hindered by too many HTTP requests.

The Security and Marketing Perspective

Despite the often common perspective, the Magento platform is extremely SEO friendly. You have the option to insert keywords in your meta tags and create a URL friendly for the search engines. Whenever a new URL is created, Magneto will generate an XML sitemap. Magento transactions are facilitated using an Wildcard SSL Certificate for security. This shields your eCommerce site from DDOS and spoofing attacks and protects the credentials of your customers from hackers. In regards to marketing, Magento enables you to market deals and offers using newsletters. There are even responsive newsletter templates available to help you target mobile customers. All of these factors make it exceptionally clear the Magneto platform is an excellent choice for your eCommerce store. The platform is capable of taking your website to the next level.

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