The vaping community is going from strength to strength, with much of this being helped along by all sorts of awesome new technology still being developed and introduced – it certainly means things never get boring! The exponential growth of vaping as a hobby and pastime has also given the community the ability to grow and develop, and this means there’s never been a better time to get involved. Before you run out and buy your own vape, though, we run you through some of the more important things you need to know when it comes to vaping so that you can become one of thr people that give the culture a good name!

Your vaping in the greater community

Whether you’ve just bought your first e-cigarette in Australia or are looking for a full-featured vape, your research might not have demonstrated to you all of the interesting rules and regulations that exist in the vaping community. There’s no need to get worked up, as a lot of these things are common sense – they’re just helpful to point out for people new to the scene. First, know that although you can vape away in your home, the same gusto can’t really be taken out into the streets. Generally, vaping is fine wherever cigarette smoking is fine. That means no vaping in your office, no vaping in your child’s day-care centre and no vaping in hospitals. In all seriousness, though, if you treat vaping like cigarette smoking (we know, we know, it’s different) and keep your distance from non-vapers, you should theoretically not incur the wrath of anyone. Blowing massive clouds everywhere you go can be a lot of fun, but passers -by usually don’t appreciate it, even if the flavour in question is a particularly delicious one. If that’s not enough to make you tread with more caution, it’s quite possible to get a big fine in some places – just exercise common sense, as we already mentioned.

Good judgement goes a long way

Here’s a point that you might not be as familiar with: your vapor might be harming your pet. Although it might not look like it, blowing vapor in the face of your cat all day can have cause health issues in your pet over time. This is due to the release of the propylene glycol that makes up part of the e-liquid, and while not as unhealthy as cigarette smoke, it can nonetheless take its toll on your animal. It does affect dogs as well, but to a much lesser extent. Vaping around children should also be a no no, but for different reasons – those lovely sweet smells that you breathe out everywhere can be very enticing, and the last thing you want is for a child – especially yours – to pick up your vape whenever you’re not looking and have a huge drag.

Understanding when and how to vape

Understanding good vape protocol is not always the simplest thing to get to terms with, but as we mentioned a few times, common sense usually reigns supreme in vape culture. By being aware of the people around you and likening your vape to cigarettes – despite them being much, much nicer, of course – you can ensure that everyone stays on board with your vaping.

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