Social media has changed the lifestyle of many, it has transformed the way of communication and has brought the world closer. Not only to individuals, but social media has brought a huge change for businesses.

It is now an integral part of businesses’ marketing plans, and hence we are witnessing the trend where marketers are utilizing social media platforms to their full potential. Businesses are also eager to use social media beyond their respective boundaries, and hence they are actively embedding Social media feeds on their websites.

How To Embed Social Media Feeds On The Website

Most social media platforms provide the facility where you can embed social media feed on website. But this process has some limitations – like you have to copy the embedding code of each post and paste it on the backend of your website to display them on your website. In simple words, you can embed only one post at a time and have to embed each post manually one by one. Also, you cannot customize the feeds as per your requirements to match them to your website’s style.

Therefore, we have tools like social media aggregators that help users collect social feeds from various social media platforms and curate and customize them before displaying them on the website. You can find these tools easily on the internet, and these tools are pretty simple to handle. Also, they provide the feature to customize the feed as per your needs and provides you the chance to make desired personalizations by changing font size, font style, background, themes, layouts and more. Moreover, you can also filter out all the irrelevant and unwanted content from your feed and make it related to your business only. Thus, it maintains the quality of your website and creates a good impression on the visitors.

And if you are using a WordPress website then you have the option to use WordPress plugins. There are various WordPress plugins that help in the cause. These plugins assist you in gathering social media feeds from social media platforms and displaying them on your WordPress website without any hassle. These plugins also offer you the features such as customization, moderations, and more which adds great significance to this strategy.

As now you know some of the easy ways to embed Social media feeds on the website, it thought that might be bothering you. Is this strategy profitable? And that is a justified doubt, and therefore to clear your doubts, we are listing some of the major benefits of this strategy that might convince you to add this strategy to your marketing plan.

Benefits Of Adding Social Media Feed On Websites

In recent times, we have seen businesses emphasizing more on their websites, as they act as your online representatives and play a huge role in attracting more audience and creating a good impression. Hence this strategy is mostly centered with businesses websites, but still it provides an overall benefit to your business.

1.     Improves website visuals

A dull and boring website often creates a bad impression and hampers the reputation of the business. And bad reputation and bad impressions are the blockages on the road to achieving business goals.

So, it is important to have a vibrant-looking website, as it creates a great impression on the visitors and instills an interest in their minds. And what can be better than images and videos to improve the visuals appeal of the website. Adding images and videos manually might be a tiresome process, and that is where Instagram feeds come to the rescue as they add vibrancy to the website through its lively and expressive content.

2.     Engages the visitors

Instagram provides a vast range of content as it allows users to use various mediums to express themselves, they can upload images, provide short duration videos, long-duration videos, and more. Such variation in the content keeps the visitors engaged on the website and the longer they stay on the website, their interest in your products might increase.

You can also embed the feeds from your Instagram handle and display images, video advertisements, and more from your Instagram to your visitors to entertain and educate them about your products.

3.     Helps in strengthening your Instagram presence

If you opt to display feeds from your Instagram handle, you also provide a sneak into your Instagram presence to your visitors. And as they can now view the content from your Instagram handle, they also have the option to follow you on the platform.

4.     Boosts user-generated content related to your business

User-generated content provides more reach than mouth publicity, hence it is important to provide a boost to the user-generated content related to your brand, and by embedding Instagram feed on the website. When consumers view the content produced by other consumers on your website, it can encourage them to create the content for your brand, boosting its UGC and reach.

5.     Boosts brand recognition

An attractive-looking website, strong Instagram presence, and increased UGC related to your brand, all help you attain brand recognition. And as more people will be aware of your brand, it will increase the chances of achieving more sales. Just make sure that you are aware of basic internet safety rules online when interacting with other people on the internet.


In this ever-evolving world, one must stay updated with the trend and stay in the competition. As the world has a high dependency on social media, you must grab this opportunity and make maximum use of these platforms as a business. Various tools help users embed social media feeds on the website and make their process easy and worthy, so try the tools and extract maximum benefits from social media platforms.

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