Home renovations are messy and expensive. Anyone who has done a renovation can tell you about the extra costs that creep up making the project super expensive.

If you are trying to figure out how to modernize your home without spending a fortune on renovations, we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of renovations that won’t break the bank.

Replace Old Lighting Fixtures

If your home has lighting fixtures that look like they belong in your Grandmother’s home then maybe it’s time to give them an update. Replacing old light fixtures is one of the easy ways to update your home that doesn’t require a lot of skill or time to complete.

With good lighting, your house can feel more open and airy without having to tack out a wall. Dark rooms appear smaller, while a brightly lit room appears more spacious. Take advantage of proper lighting to make your home feel welcoming.

Swap out old fixtures for ones that look for modern in your large rooms like the kitchen or dining room to make a big impact. You can also bring in floor lamps or table lamps for added warmth.

Some lighting fixtures may require the help of an electrician for installation. If you are not changing the position of the light it’s possible to do it on your own.

Update the Cabinets

If you’re feeling up for a project updating your kitchen cabinets is one of our favorite ways to update your home. Nothing looks more dated than old, worn-out cabinets in your kitchen.

Paint your cabinets in a light bright color to give your kitchen a new look. Or, take out the middle panel of your cabinet doors and replace them with glass or chicken wire.

The glass will give your cabinets a sleek modern look and chicken wire adds a nice touch to a country farm-inspired look.

Some homeowners are just removing the doors altogether. Line the back of the cabinets with bright wallpaper and paint the interior of the cabinets for a modern open cabinet look.

You can also replace the hardware. There are numerous finishes you can choose from like bronze, brushed chrome, nickel, and raised gold. Don’t stresses over the selection just choose what works best with your existing home decor?

You can always buy a knob or two and take them home to see how they look inside your house. There are not any rules as to which hardware you should buy so have fun with it and play around till you find the hardware you like.

Replace the Window and Window Treatments

Next up on our list of easy home updates, it’s windows and window treatments. Go all-in on window replacement and treatments which are often overlooked by homeowners. Installing brand new windows and treatments instantly updates your home.

Modern windows are much better at closing fully and preventing your heat from escaping. This will save you money on your heating and cooling bill too.

Choose a style of curtain or blind that fits with your taste. Go bold with a bright geometric pattern or opt for beachy sheers. There are eco-friendly shades made out of bamboo and classic white blinds in many sizes.

Take a look around your home and pick out the colors that you want to replicate in your window treatments. Sometimes the easiest option is to match the curtains with your accent room colors or your main wall color.

Liven up Your Outdoor Space

Sometimes how to update your home isn’t necessarily on the inside. Take a look at your outdoor space and see what you can do to modernize it.

If you have patio furniture that is molded or rusted, throw it out and look for an inexpensive new set. Lots of online companies sell affordable patio sets and they deliver so you won’t have to worry about getting them home in your car.

Even if your home doesn’t have a porch you can still create a little outdoor sitting space for yourself and guests to enjoy.

Start with an outdoor rug to define the shape of your patio space. Then add your furniture. Top it off with some colorful throw pillows or even an outdoor firepit and -voila! You have just added a new room to your home that you can enjoy in nice weather.

If you want to get even fancier, look at pavers, or install a pergola. Add some string lights for a little glow at night or even an outdoor heater. Now you have the perfect place to open up a bottle of wine on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Clean and Paint

If you don’t know what you want to do to your home but you have your heart set on updating your home, try cleaning and painting first. It’s always good to start with a blank canvas. Sometimes cleaning out the dust and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint will do the trick.

Stick with your current color or mix it up by selecting a new color for your walls. Take a look at this year’s popular colors to see if something strikes your fancy. You may just find a color you would have never looked for in the first place.

If you don’t feel like cleaning hire a maid service to come and do a deep clean. It’s not that expensive and it will give you a break while you decide which colors to paint. A maid service usually charges more for a deep clean but we think it’s worth the cost if they clean the oven and fridge too.

How to Modernize Your Home without the Huge Pricetag

Now you’ve figured out how to modernize your home. These simple methods will give your home an update without spending a fortune. Follow this guide and do one or two of these projects to give your home a boost today. If your friends are looking for home renovation ideas share this article with them and read more of our home articles.

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