Trauma is basically a very distressing mental situation arising out of a physical incident or train of thoughts.  The main signs or symptoms that a person is suffering from post-traumatic stress are as follows.  

-Intrusive memories 

These are memories that tend to be distressing for a particular person.  They can be mostly an unwanted experience all the time. It takes a great deal of fortitude to get rid of these memories and are at best described as distressing.  One of the key features of the intrusive thoughts is that it might not be distressing for another person. It is more of a personal experience more than anything else. 


People affected by post-traumatic stress often tend to avoid instances and places that remind them of the incident.  They do often tend to avoid meeting with and interacting with a lot of people that they associate with the incident. It might sound trivial to most people, but the fear is very real for those affected by the trauma.  

-Negative changes in thinking 

Most people that tend to be affected by post-traumatic stress tend to be negative in their outlooks.  This negativity is not restricted to any single area of living but has an effect on the whole life of the person.  People that have had a traumatic experience should be monitored for a sudden shift in moods and thinking all the time. The actual trauma can hit the person at any time and there is usually no such time frame to be established.  

A person affected by post-traumatic stress disorder tends to be hard to speak to most of the time.  At the same time, people would start to notice changes in their lifestyle as well. 

Treating post-traumatic stress 

Treating post-traumatic stress is more of a mental thing than a physical ailment.  It has to be seen that the person is allowed a fair degree of freedom to exercise the eccentricity of actions and thoughts. Getting a person off the habits and thoughts is a gradual process which needs time to act and do. 

Another interesting feature of PTSD is that it cannot be handled by most hospitals and health care professionals alone.  It needs a holistic approach that tends to help the mind heal along with any physical ailments. Therapy is a very important part of post-traumatic stress and it needs to be emphasized that good therapists are good at forming cases for further action by the PTSD lawyer.  

How to file for compensation 

There are a number of programs that run to address the issue of post-traumatic stress experienced by people.  In a lot of cases, it is possible to have compensation awarded to the person affected by the disorder. Here it must be differentiated that different kinds of trauma fall under different classifications.  So, a one size fits all approach should be avoided at all costs.  

-Medical history 

The first step towards establishing a post-traumatic stress disorder is to establish that the person was hale and healthy before the incident. This has to be established through a series of case studies and such presentations that go on to form the better part of the studies.  

The second part is detailing the distress that a person is going through at a particular point in time.  A good and thorough detailing works in establishing a connection most of the time.  

-The rights of the affected people 

As alluded to earlier, the cases of post-traumatic stress fall into different categories each time. Thus, it is important for the lawyer to establish a link to a particular program and the person affected. The medical records help establish the present state of the person and it is for the lawyer to file for compensation as the case might be and at the appropriate forum as well. 

It is possible that trauma could be classified under more than a single category.  The final call has to be taken in consultation with the lawyer so as to which category to file the case under. 

-Getting the right lawyer 

Unlike a conventional case, the PTSD cases call for a great deal of empathy towards the affected person.  Often when court hearings have to be called for it has to take into consideration the final state of the person who has to make the appearance in the courts.  


It is important in any kind of litigation to know that the issue is being handled by the best lawyers possible.  With post-traumatic stress disorder, the lawyer needs to be aware of the finer points that often apply in each of the cases and that which would have a direct bearing on the proceedings of the case.  Most lawyers take a direct interest in the proceeding as they do stand to gain good compensation with the recovery of the dues. 

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