To ensure your bathroom is a personal haven, helping you to start and end your days, functional and aesthetic lighting is essential. After all, good lighting is a crucial element to any effective room design.

Bathroom lighting – like most other rooms in your house – should be tiered with levels of lighting. There are four lighting levels: general light for wide-spread illumination, ambient light for gentle illumination, task lighting for grooming, and accent lighting for elegant finishing highlights.

Depending on your needs, wants, and available bathroom space, will decipher which and how many types of lighting your modern bathroom design needs. So, let’s look at the purposes of each bathroom lighting type, where the best location for each type and some modern bathroom ideas to inspire you.

General Lighting in a Modern Bathroom Design

For the standard type of bathroom lighting, consider a series of flush-mount downlights combined with a three-in-one lighting and exhaust fan with heating for ideal general illumination. The three-in-one light has been a go-to bathroom renovation idea for decades, as the heating and lighting keeps the bathroom well-ventilated and toasty on cold days.

Although if we look at modern bathroom ideas, we will see a move away from standard downlights and traditional style 3-in-1 ceiling lights. Instead, modern bathroom designs favour bare ceilings; the lack of ceiling obstructions creates a more modern and sleek look. As a result, there are many functional general lighting installations that aren’t bulky in design, providing clean ceilings.

Ambient Lighting in a Modern Bathroom Design

Necessary for brief visits to the toilet, the second layer of illumination you’ll need is modest, ambient lighting. Particularly in large bathrooms, installing a night light on a sensor is also a great bathroom renovation idea so that you don’t have to switch an overhead light on during those unexpected late-night excursions to the restroom.

Ambient lighting is also perfect near the bath to create a decorative layer of lighting for luxuriating at night in the tub. In addition, showers hidden behind thin walls or tucked into corners will benefit from ambient lighting – you don’t want a spotlight in there, but you don’t want gloomy corners either.

Ambient lighting placed flush on walls is an effective modern bathroom idea to avoid cave-like bathrooms, providing tremendous light reflection in the space and keeps it bright. A cave-like appearance is a typical look in traditional bathrooms, which have standard general lighting with ceiling downlights placed in a grid pattern; as a result, the floor is lighted, but the walls are dark.

Task Lighting in a Modern Bathroom Design

In the bathroom, task illumination is essential. The objective here is to illuminate the face uniformly and eliminate the shadows that normal overhead lighting casts on the face.

Installing a LED light above the mirror that casts light on the face as well as the mirror itself is one bathroom renovation that achieves this, allowing light to bounce evenly over the face, eliminating shadows and glare.

LED strip lighting has been a popular modern bathroom idea for smart task lighting in homes and hotels for a few years now. In the bathroom, LEDs may be put in three different areas depending on the mix of lighting you want.

Firstly, LED strip lighting can be recessed inside or on either side of the mirror to achieve a modern bathroom design that is reasonably priced. Second, for task illumination, LED’s placed underneath the shaving cabinet makes washing hands and reading labels easier. Third, you can utilise LEDs to add atmosphere to a bathroom by placing them beneath the vanity.

Accent Lighting in a Modern Bathroom Design

Accent light was initially an expensive bathroom renovation idea but is now so popular for modern bathroom designs that such lighting is becoming more affordable. If your budget allows for it, accent lighting creates wonderful character and individuality in an area by emphasising certain elements in a bathroom installation.

Often described by designers as “the frosting on the cake”, accent lighting can be a decorative pendant or a strip light around a mirror. Such lighting additions give a touch of elegance to a bathroom and creates a spa-like atmosphere.

Most importantly, with accent lighting, typically, homeowners make the mistake of installing too many decorative lights and not enough functional/general lighting. Not enough functional light makes using your bathroom challenging to use regularly, so it’s vital to ensure your modern bathroom design has a good balance of both.

Is Warm or Cool Bathroom Lighting Better?

When it comes to choosing warm or cold LEDs, there is no right or wrong answer because it is a matter of personal choice…

Typically, warm lights have a yellowish hue and are used in traditional kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Warm lights produce a gentle, soothing ambiance while providing adequate light for chores like cooking, reading, and getting ready.

On the other hand, cool white lighting produces a white light with a little blue tinge. Cool lighting is frequently used in modern bathroom designs and kitchens where task lighting is required for cooking, cleaning, grooming, and applying cosmetics.

In most homes, the en-suite will have cool white lighting because it is more often utilized for morning rituals such as bathing and shaving. Warm white lighting is commonly used in the main bathroom since the family will use it for bathing or relaxing in the evening, and the gentle light helps to establish a soothing environment.

What is IP-Rated Light Fixtures?

The IP rating on lighting fixtures is a global standard determining a device’s resistance to solids and liquids. When it comes to lighting, the first digit refers to dust protection, while the second digit refers to water protection. For modern bathroom designs, it is critical to have IP-rated light fixtures in the bathroom to ensure that your lighting lasts as long as possible in this humid environment.

How Do I Choose the Best Combination of Bathroom Lighting?

You can convert your bathroom into the beautiful, comfortable, and relaxing place you deserve with the appropriate lighting, exhaust, and heating.

For the most ideal bathroom lighting, you should always consider hiring a reputable bathroom renovation company. They have decades of experience producing high-quality modern bathroom designs, allowing your bathroom renovation ideas to come to fruition.

Plus, expert bathroom renovators consider the ceiling height, the excessive brightness of lights, the other finishes in the room, the style of your home, and the purpose of the light fixture when choosing bathroom lighting so you can ensure your bathroom is the perfect oasis.

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