With a short and compelling storytelling concept, explainer videos have made their way into digital marketing practices. Whether you run a start-up or manage a big corporation, engaging videos can increase your brand outreach and tell your story to potential clients in a way that they understand your product or services better. However, selecting the right agency for producing an explainer video can be tricky.

You need to find an all-encompassing studio-like Picstory that can customise your video from scratch to ensure the desired results. Here is how you can find your perfect match.

Ask About the Genre Speciality

An explainer video can cover several genres like demos, animated videos, video graphics, and live-action videos. Not every agency specialises in all these. Producing an animation, for example, requires a learned process that takes time to master. Hence, you should ask the company to show their portfolio to check their expertise in every genre they provide.

Team of Professionals

Explainer video production is a comprehensive task that requires ample experience and expertise in the domain. A specialised agency has a team of professionals with expertise in explainer videos. The team includes illustrators, directors, animators, and voice-over artists to cover the entire process from pre-production to release. Here again, you can check the types of videos they have created over the years.

If the company has worked with a diversified clientele, it has potential and intense training in its kitty. Hence, you can expect high-quality editing and post-production processes where the experts will embed background music and clean up the final results before the mega launch.

Ability to Custom Design

Every company and brand has a unique story to tell about its products and services. There can be no standardised process or cookie-cutter approach to create the best videos for each story. That’s where you need bespoke video design and production services to bring your vision to reality.

Agencies like Picstory have a specialised team to understand your brand’s message and services to create the right explainer videos for representing it on major platforms.

Check the Production Quality

If you don’t want to be surprised post-production with a disastrous animation about your brand, be selective about your video production company. Before hiring one, don’t forget to inspect their production quality. You can do it by running through the portfolio or checking the testimonials from its clients.

The company should use the latest equipment and technologies to create engaging and result-oriented videos. You may check this by looking at their recent works and asking for references from past clients.

Affordability Matters

Cost is an indispensable factor when choosing a video production company. Before approaching it, determine your explainer video budget and stick to it throughout your negotiations.

Some agencies may get you a full two-minute video without any hidden costs or extra charges. It means you will get the maximum value for your money when working with such an agency. You may also ask if it provides the final cut and voice-overs after the project completion.

With 81% of businesses using video marketing for brand awareness, you can’t ignore this tool for long. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and choose an agency that can create unique and appealing explainer videos to meet your marketing requirements.

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