You have all the information about where to look for rental property but are you careful enough to prevent online rental scams. I bet you are not ready to lose your money and hence you should implement all the measures to make sure you don’t waste or lose even a single coin on the way. With the rising demand for rental property, most of the rental property seekers are conned daily.

The main reason for rental scams is that majority of the people look online because they don’t have time to search manually. Searching for rental properties online today is very easy because almost every part of the world is connected and there are several bloggers providing the information. In the same internet, there are some con artists that are taking advantage of the situation to con people of their precious coins. In this brief, we are going to give you some of the best and the most effective tips of avoiding online rental scams.

Never deal with cash

One mistake that most of the rental property seekers make is to deal with cash. In this case, this is a bad start. As a matter of fact, the main reason why they want you to deal with cash is because this money cannot be traced. To be sure you won’t be scammed or at least the culprits can be arrested thereafter is to deal with bank transfers.

Get the right information

The other way of making sure you are not conned is to have the right information. With this information, you can be able to seek the right assistance and at the same time detect when something fishy is about to happen. In this case, you should start by looking for the best assistance from some of the best sites such as

Never rent before you see the apartment

You should at all cases have a chance to have a look at the actual place. Once you are there, make sure all the authorities involved are aware of what you are doing there. You should inform the security guide and even ask him/her for some information regarding the dealer you are with. There are also some tenants that you will find at the place, take some time and talk about the property and how it’s rented. Make sure you also meet the original owner or the contracted company.

Have a written lease

To make sure that the contract is genuine and bidding, the two parties you and the representative should sign a written lease with the official stamp. The verbal agreement shouldn’t be the only option here. If you see that the dealer insists so much on the verbal agreement and doesn’t want to enter into a bidding written contract, then you should leave that.

Avoid subleasing

In fact, subleasing is not the best deal in this case. It can be the most dangerous thing that you can put yourself into. Even if you want this the most, make sure that the original tenant has all the rights to sub-lease. However, am sure no one can feel comfortable about the sub-lease because the original owner can kick you two out in case the contract is not bidding.

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