With an increase in technology and the use of internet many businesses have shifted their trading and marketing trends to social media. It helps them in saving a lot on cost and also allows the target and reach their customers with great ease. Social media is now being widely used for marketing purpose; especially Instagram is one application that is mainly targeted for marketing the products and services.

With big platforms comes big responsibilities, big platforms provide great advantages and opportunities but they also come with big problems and big cautions. CSR, the corporate social responsibility is one of the main aspects that must be tackled by the businesses once they enter both traditional as well as the social media markets. CSR has become one prominent aspect as the users have now become more aware of right and wrong, social media has not just become a platform for the businesses it is indeed has become a big platform for the users to raise their voice regarding right and wrong. CSR was the part of the business plan initially only for maintaining and enhancing the brand’s image, but now brands are paying special attention to CSR to actually stay in the business.

The pros of social media are obvious like brand awareness, networking, enhanced sales and better SEO. The cons of social media involve the damage to the brand, the risk of security breach and additional staffing.

There is a lot of business which has got popularity and fame because of the tools and techniques they use in marketing through social media. But at the same time, there are businesses which have been flopped even after the use of social media for marketing. The main problem is not whether to use social media platforms or not. The main thing to focus on is how to use different tools, tactics, and strategies for the sake of development in businesses.

With CSR and social media as a platform, it is very necessary for businesses to maintain the right communication with the Instagram Followers. The most frustrating part about the social media marketing for customers is the lack of businesses to reply back to their comments or messages regarding the post. It makes them frustrated and un-follow the brand, it is always the businesses that must make the customer feel like they are above the brand, not the other way around. The CSR is only successful when the brand is ready to meet the requirements of the customers.

Eliminating the inconsistencies is the main challenge for adding CSR with the social media. Social media is all about self-worth, self-serving and boosting one’s ego while CSR, on the other hand, is all about giving and being selfless. One must maintain a balance between two to achieve the desired goal. Social media marketing, when used for the right purpose, can be the best platform for boosting the Corporate social responsibility. There are many different social issues that are now being brought to light with social media as social media has continued to spread its influence over the worldwide population. Social media has now become the initiator for true CSR.

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