If you have questions regarding how to termination your EIN number in North Carolina, we are here to help. We understand that things with owning a business do not always go as planned and that sometimes changes happen, leaving you with the need to cancel, or terminate, your EIN number. Should you find yourself in that position, here is what you need to know in order to successfully terminate your EIN.

It is important to remember that the IRS is not able to terminate your EIN number for you, it is something that must be done by you, the business owner. And in actuality, it cannot be done. This is because, the EIN that was assigned to your business will always be associated with your business in some way, and it will never again be used for another business.

However, should you need to cancel your entire business account; the IRS can assist you with doing so, with the right information.

In order to close your business account with the IRS, you will need to provide them with the pertinent information to do so. First of all, you will need to send the IRS a letter including the following information: your EIN including the EIN assignment notice so that the IRS can verify your EIN number, business address, and a detailed reason as to why you are closing the account.

Also keep in mind that all of your taxes should be filed with the EIN prior to your closing your business account with the IRS, in order to avoid any issues.

As you can see, there are many details that go into closing your business account. IRS-EIN-Tax-ID is here to help in any way you might need.

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