Choosing the right sex therapist can be as stressful as finding the right partner for yourself. Sex, sexual relationships, sexual health and sexual problems are a personal and complex issue. You’ll need a therapist with whom you can connect and share such personal information.

We always talk about sex and sexual wellness, but how often can you go and be comfortable talking about your sex life and embarrassing questions? As a couple, one may resort to communication as one technique to fix issues in the relationship. But at times, you may require professional help to help you with sexual issues intimately.

Anyone opting for sexual therapy needs to understand that there’ll be two conversations happening at the same time during the therapy sessions—one about your emotional health and the other about your sexual health. One thinks that if your relationship gets better, even the sex life will or vice versa. But that is a myth.

Before you decide on your sex therapist, here are some checkpoints you’ll want to look at for your potential sex therapists.

Qualification of the Sex Therapist

One of the most important parts of picking the right sex therapist for yourself is checking their credentials or qualifications. When you’re going to deep dive into your most intimate secrets, you need to trust a certified sex therapist who has the potential to help you.

The largest accrediting body for sex therapy is the American Association Of Sexuality, Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). You can find great therapists without the AASECT accreditation, too, so do not get mistaken.

Therapists undergo intensive training with the learning of psychotherapy training, 90 hours of human sexuality training, and much more to become a qualified sex therapist. Hence, this factor is a very crucial one.

The Focus of Their Therapy

While inquiring and searching for the right therapist, make sure your potential therapist specialises or has extensive knowledge of your specific issue. Whether it is sexual dysfunction, sexual desires, kinks, or BDSM, make sure he is well acquainted with help you in the first place.

At the same time, also ask about his treatment and therapy method. If they say they have a ‘one-method for all, there goes your red flag.

Meet With Multiple Options

As said before, finding the right therapist is a lot like dating. You’ll probably move from one to another till you finally find your comfort zone and be open about your sexual health.

You’ll come across various sex therapists if not around your area; You can even resort to teletherapies and video calls.

Check-in With Yourself

When you’ve decided to go for therapy, you need to be ready to make time for the sessions and also ‘homework’. Homework may include communication, exercises, and also sexual training and exercises at home.

It is vital to do so to make sure that the therapist is working for you and if you’re noticing improvement. Otherwise, you should look at a therapist who goes better for your needs.

Despite all the points, therapists are humans. So it may take a while to find a sex therapist that isn’t clouded by his judgements, rather helps you. You can find certified sex therapists as well as couple therapists at Thriive.

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