Do you love your business? There is a certain truth about owning a business whether you are a serial entrepreneur or a family-owned operation. You can put every effort into growing your business and still miss customers. What if you could ensure your business’ success just by changing one factor? This is what it’s like for businesses investing in new POS systems. With a long list of POS capabilities, the latest systems are extremely smart, mobile, and essential for business growth.

For some businesses, it is even more crucial to have a modern POS that can hook into multiple systems and devices, such as a restaurant. What should you look for in a new system? These are the most important features to look at as you pick out a POS system for your business.

Inventory Control and Re-Stocking Options

Some POS capabilities can revolutionize a business. For example, automatic re-stocking can turn a disastrous kitchen into one that runs efficiently and never has a backup on a busy night. Want to keep your kitchen manager happy? Newer POS systems can provide real-time reports on low inventory counts and even automatically send a re-stock order when you hit a certain threshold.

It’s also easy to prepare for special events, such as seasonal menus and other specific food items that you need to order in advance. You can make it a simple system process to keep every ingredient you need in your business.

Easy Employee Management

You don’t have the time to follow around every employee, but what if you could log in and check out attendance reports on the fly? You can see what employees are clocking in on time, and which employees are taking longer breaks. There are also settings to show sales per employee and other productivity reports.

Customer Loyalty Opportunities

Did you know that email has become the best way to reach your customers? When you can send an email about a new promotion, event, or other update, you are keeping your guests interested in your business and inviting them to come back.

For restaurants, email sign-up programs have become essential to keeping customers interested in new dishes, promotions, and special opportunities. When added to a CRM, a POS system can help you learn what customers really like as well. These insights give you better intelligence on what to market for the next quarter.

Faster Checkout Capabilities

Your guests want to come in and sit down to eat or put in a take-out order. How fast is your POS working to meet their needs? Do you constantly have wait times? Is your take-out system causing in-store customer breakdowns?

A modern POS system doesn’t have these issues. If you have problems with wait times, you can use mobile or tabletop POS technology to take orders and check out guests on the fly. For those restaurants that have take-out and delivery orders, you can set up a POS to automatically manage these orders, allowing your staff to focus on guest happiness and order accuracy.

Real-Time Sales Reports

You have to be able to see sales instantly sometimes, especially if you have certain goals for every day profit and loss at certain stores. You can keep your managers informed and help your business grow just by being able to see all kinds of sales data whenever you need to.

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