Like old days, it has become quite difficult for people to buy a plot and construct their dream house on it. The plots are not very easily available nowadays and the available ones are very expensive. When people look for property in Dapoli, they look for a various option that matches their requirements. The most preferable among all the property options in Dapoli are flats and independent houses. These two are very different from each other but both have their advantages and disadvantages. They both are preferred by two different lifestyle people.

Let us understand more about independent houses, flats and what are the basic differences between both of them.

Independent house, as the names suggest, is the property in Dapoli that is constructed over an independent plot. These are considered the luxury apartments that are constructed in a row in a community.

In the cities with the lack of space, multiple storey buildings are constructed. The buildings have multiple floors and each floor has 4 -5 flats. The buildings are constructed in a community and many of them provide various luxurious facilities.

Independent house for sale in Dapoli comprises all the facilities including water, electricity, security, etc. One needs to start taking care of these facilities from the day they enter the house. If you have a community, then the people of the community decide how things are going to be managed.

While the flat comes with all the facilities but for that, you need to pay extra charges.

You will easily get the loan for a flat if the builder has tied up bonds with certain banks. The bank people come to your house and explain everything about the loan. This makes the process easier and hassle-free.

Getting a loan for an independent house is a complicated procedure as compared to flats. The people of the bank check all your savings and salary so that they get assurance that you will be able to pay the loan on time.

If you have some dream interior designs for your house, you may not be able to fulfill them in a flat. Sometimes, some of the society does not allow revamping the design of your flat.

In an independent house, you can do all the changes related to the interior decoration of the house. The complete interior of the house can be revamped as per your requirement and no one is going to ask a single question about it. Independent houses provide full freedom of converting it into your dream home.

Flat comes with 24×7 Security as the added service when you buy it. Sometimes the security services are provided by the builders at the time of purchasing.

On the other hand, in an independent house, the owner needs to take care of the security of the house. Many times, the owner of the independent houses contact some security services company that provides 24×7 security to their house. Many people prefer to install security cameras as the main door for safety.

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