A sense of adventure is what keeps many of us going forward. There are few things in life as exciting as traveling and discovering new places. Europe is my favorite destination. So many cities to explore, so many tastes to experience. I love to travel solo which gives me lots of freedom but also comes with a couple of disadvantages. Feeling lonely is just one of them, along with the usual financial considerations that plague every person who has ever decided to experience the sights and sounds of the world.

Compare transportation methods & avoid overspending on tickets

Traveling solo is, obviously, a lot more affordable than going on a trip with your entire family. Still, this does not mean that you should not pay attention to all the costs involved. A mere comparison between car and train travel should give you a clear idea of the numbers. Getting from one end of Europe to the other can be extremely affordable or frighteningly costly. When comparing train vs car travel, also make sure to consider plane flights. Some could be surprisingly cost-effective. Hopping from Moscow to Berlin and then to Madrid, I have managed to save quite a bit with low-cost flights, coupled with the now indispensable unrestricted Eurail pass.

Meet fresh new faces so that you don’t feel lonely traveling on your own

Going across half a continent on your own inevitably means that you will sometimes feel a bit lonely. Luckily, Europeans tend to be very friendly folk and you should have no trouble meeting interesting new faces along the way. A female traveling through Europe alone may find it slightly easier to make friends or even have a fling than her male counterpart. The difference, however, is minimal. A male traveling in Europe alone will not feel starved for attention either. In case you are not a fan of bar hopping or clubbing, apps created to help you find friends or even a date could connect you with your perfect match. I know I have relied on them on more than one occasion to make my travels a bit more exciting.

Plan your itinerary & don’t miss any of the sights you wish to see

Traveling across the globe, year-round, would be a dream. Unfortunately, I can barely manage 2 or 3 weeks per year due to my busy work schedule.  This is why I always plan my solo European trip itinerary well in advance. I was lucky enough to find a list of smartphone apps that should be of great help if you intend to do the same.

Best Apps to Travel Europe Solo

These will prove useful, regardless of whether you are looking to organize a 2-week itinerary or solo travel that will last for months. Plan well ahead, know your priorities, consider all your European road trip itinerary ideas and don’t forget your sunscreen.


Europe needs to be seen to be believed. I don’t think I will ever have a chance to spend as much time exploring it as I wish – at least not until I retire. I encourage everyone to visit at least a couple of countries on this magical continent. Transportation tends to be reliable so there is little need for renting a car. Several apps and online resources can help you with everything from buying tickets and organizing your itinerary, to finding a date in Paris. Pick up your smartphone or tablet and embark on an adventure.

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