There is no shortage of beer glasses available for you to choose from. Each glass has its own characteristic with some glasses being explicitly designed to help preserve the foam head. Others are designed to help enhance your beer’s color while others are best for taste and smell. Since the glass you use can determine your user experience, here are the different types of glasses to consider.

Types of Beer Glasses

  1. Pint Glasses

This class is also commonly referred to as shaker pints. These unique beer glasses are the most common American beer glasses, and you are likely to be served with them when you visit a bar. These unique beer glasses have a round bottom and get wider as they go up. A pint glass is used with most beers, including lagers, stouts, and IPAs. It is the most affordable glass to manufacture and buy and is also an easy glass to drink from. It’s also easy to stack and even easier to clean, which could be why beer-lovers and bars love it.

  1. Beer Mugs

Beer mugs are robust, easy to use, and they hold a lot of beer. If you want to galop beer, this is your go-to glass. They are most common in Germany, the United States, and England. It has a wide cylindrical shape with a handle on the side. They are usually thick, which makes them perfect for insulating your beer and keeping it cool. The handle comes in handy in keeping your hand from freezing and warming your beer. They sometimes have dimples all around their bottom, which is rumored to help the drinker appreciate the color and clarity of the beer.

  1. Goblets and Chalices

These beer glasses are one of the most extravagant used by beer drinkers. They are found in a variety of sizes to hold different amounts of beer. Their shape is such that they have a long thick neck with a bowl sitting on it. They are also commonly referred to as chalices because of their shape. However, chalices have thicker walls and are generally heavier.

These two beer glasses are perfect for heavy, malty beer because of their wide opening that allows the drinker to analyze the flavor and aroma as they drink. They may have a silver or gold rim, whose purpose is mainly cosmetic.

  1. Pilsner Glasses

These glasses hold less beer than the American pint. They are tall and skinny and have little or no curvatures as they go up. They are generally perfect for light beers such as pilsners. Their designs allow the drinker to appreciate the color and carbonation of the beer. While the slightly wider top helps with a foam head, bringing out the true flavor and aroma, they also enhance your ability to appreciate the true taste of beer.


Every single glass design out there is made to enhance your overall experience. Although you may be used to pint glasses, this article allows you to expand your beer glass collection depending on the type of beer you want to take.

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