Al Qudra Desert, is the nearest desert to the United Arab Emirates. And is among the most famous campsite locations among locals. It is located just under an hour’s journey from the city. It’s near enough to look appealing yet far enough over to watch the sky full of stars. It makes it ideal for peaceful weekend getaways or a campground celebration from one of the many ponds. Make sure you’ve got an SUV and a first aid box. But there is nothing to worry about. You will still be able to connect to the internet because you’re near enough to the center.

Desert tours in Dubai are one of the area’s most interesting attractions. These safaris take place in several sites throughout Dubai. They provide a diverse selection of materials and ideas. With thousands of desert safaris to select from, deciding on the right one might be difficult. Hence, your Dubai desert safari expert is available to assist you in making the best decision.

You’ll find a lot of fun things to do in your ‘desert region,’ whether you want to increase your heart rate with a desert safari or relax with a luxurious lifestyle overnight stay.

Embark on a desert safari

The desert safari is among the few activities that truly define Dubai. Sit down in the backseat or anywhere you want and hang on tightly as an expert operator navigates dunes at high velocities. Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you hover over the edge of extremely vertical cliffs before plunging down sandy hills and climbing back up for even more. If you reserve with Arabian Experiences, you’ll get several sunset photo breaks before being safely flown back to a traditional Arab tent. Here you’ll be treated to a dinner under the starlit.


It is a must-do activity for serious thrill-seekers. Put this snowboard-like gadget on your boots and drift down the sands like you’re on the hills of Ski Dubai. While you hire a sandboard at Big Red, several firms provide the whole experience. The five-hour morning safari and sandboarding deal includes a desert safari in a Hummer. And a sandboarding training where you’ll acquire all the tricks for gliding down the dune safely.

Indulge in a royal experience

The Dubai-based luxury travel agency provides safaris in Range Rover in the Dubai Desert Preservation Area. Also, it offers the Al Marmoom Bedouin Adventure, where you can see native animals such as Arab oryx. Visitors are transported on a real desert adventure in the old automobiles. Pick a good morning wild safari and end the day with a traditional Emirati meal and Bedouin tale. Alternatively, choose the night safari, which includes stops for magnificent views and a delectable supper at a desert resort.

Stay overnight in the desert

If the campground isn’t your way, the different Desert Hotels in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve offer luxurious canopied villas with private hot tubs in a hotel environment. It’s a way to rest instead of taking risks. If you plan to stay overnight, you will witness some mesmerizing shows. These include tanuora dance, belly dance show, fire show, and so much more.

Hot air ballooning

A hot air balloon journey over Dubai’s beautiful desert dunes will give you up an entirely fresh outlook on the city. Register and experience the joy of flying above the sky while taking in the breathtaking scenery below. If you choose to go at dawn or dusk, you’ll get the chance to see flocks of Arabian gazelles grazing freely across the wide area. Take images that will make your wildest dreams come true. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Dune Buggy Ride

Riding a dune buggy is a single company activity for exploring the dunes on your own. Roll bars, safety belts, buckets seating, headlamps, and fire extinguishers are all standard features on the dune buggies.

This desert safari includes an exciting desert dune bashing adventure as well as a typical Bedouin camping stay. Camel rides, shisha, and henna hand drawing are among the other typical pleasures available. Performers conduct a fire show and a tanoura dance act to keep you engaged. Enjoy a delectable buffet lunch and a BBQ, as well as unlimited carbonated beverages, water, coffee, and tea.

Quad biking

Guide your cab captain to Big Red, Dubai’s biggest and popular dunes. Here you may rent a quad bike and explore the dunes on your own. These quad bikes, which are open to visitors, are fast and easy to control, but all drivers must wear helmets to keep safe. As you drift and jump across Dubai’s most impressive image of sand, throw sand in the faces of your fellow passengers. And follow the original track of the sands. Quad biking Dubai is an activity that is full of fun.


When you explore Dubai, you tend to see and be guided to magnificent buildings, adventurous parks, and various stores and food places. But not so much of the United Arab Emirate’s natural beauty. If you like the beautiful scenery, then there’s enough to do. When the climate is just right, you can keep yourself occupied by campsites or travelling around the UAE dunes. October through February is the best time to visit.

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