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Camping in deserts are always a great experience, everyone must have this experience at least for once in their lifetimes. Jaisalmer camping is the attraction point of tourists who visits Rajasthan.The camping in desert at Jaisalmer between the golden soli gives the most thrilling experience to tourists. Along with these in Jaisalmer you can also find the richness in local heritage, handicrafts markets etc. Here you can also easily notice camels and nocturnal birds when you are moving towards the Thar Desert. If you want to get Majestic experience in Deserts Of Rajasthan. So here you can choose Jaisalmer Tour Packages for Deserts

Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

Mostly camps in Jaisalmer are situated a little bit away from the city in golden sand dunes. The different – different camps offers multiple amenities and activities to their guests. Mostly people comes to stay in these camps after afternoon and also mostly camps have entry time after afternoon as during day time it’s very hot there. These camps also offer different – different activities for their guests that are also a point of attraction towards these camps. These activities include Camel Riding in desert, Jeep overnight safari in desert, jeep safari for few hours and cultural dance and puppet shows and many more. Buy staying in camps at Jaisalmer you can enjoy desert life for some time. Along with this the other point of attraction in these camps are the dinner server here are Rajasthani dishes containing the aroma of real spices and royal taste. If you want to get Majestic experience in Deserts Of Jaisalmer. So here you can choose Jaisalmer Tour Packages for Jaisalmer Desert Camps.

The person who wants to experience village life once in their lifetime then they must visit Jaisalmer camps once. The adventure of living in camps between desert thrills at the same time excites tourists more. They enjoy the desert safari and love to watch the cultural functions and activities hold by the camp owners for the tourists. The foreign tourists enjoy the cultural dance form and the puppet show that take place at night. During the camping in Rajasthan tourists love to explore the land of endless sand dunes and enjoy life amid of golden sands.  During desert camping in Rajasthan tourists experience the colorful culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan by staying a night at Jaisalmer camps and if this camping comes combined with camel safari adventure then it can be one of the best adventurous journeys whose memories will be cherished for life. The camping tour of Rajasthan gives us opportunity to discover the real essence of Rajasthan by staying in its remote areas in camps.

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