In this digital era, cyber-attacks could damage your business irreparably hence; Cybersecurity must be your utmost priority. Your business data is not only your most precious and valuable asset, but it is also, one of the most vulnerable things. So it is extremely crucial for you to utilize the perfect system for deterring a security breach from taking place.

If you finally decide to employ a particular system which has been built apparently to deal with a host of operating systems and individual devices, you seem to be on the correct track towards effectively securing yourself. Apart from the key components, hiring qualified IT professionals who are equipped with the state-of-the-art advancements in the arena of Cybersecurity for letting you always stay well ahead of the threats is of prime importance. With numerous hackers trying their best to boost their Cybersecurity abilities and skills, it becomes totally mandatory to take all necessary preemptive measures for safeguarding your business from whatever potential breaches coming your way.

Marching Ahead with CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway

As per, “High-tech crime requires sophisticated professionals. In the United States in 2013, 3,000 companies reported instances of security breach by cyber-attack. This statistic didn’t just include small businesses running on homemade websites, but giant retailers such as Target and Home Depot were also among the companies victimized.” Customer’s credit card information and data were stolen, intellectual property and trade secrets were actually copied, money was taken out from certain paycheck accounts. Moreover, in certain cases, the criminals had the audacity to hack into internal systems. It has been estimated that today cybercrimes are costing the world economy more than $400 billion every year.

As such organizations and companies worldwide including the United States government are giving top priority to cybersecurity for 2019 and establishing cybersecurity protocol standards. It is pretty obvious that the continuous innovation of technology seems to be leading to an increased demand for qualified professionals with proper certifications and sophisticated skills. According to experts in the trade, cyber-attacks necessitate fine knowledge and a global vision to stay on top of the issue.

Why Cybersecurity Certifications?

When you have the right certifications, you have the desired confidence and determination because you know that you are doing the right thing and are on the road to success toward securing confidential information of your clients. We know that CompTIA Certifications would be providing you with additional marketability as a cyber-security specialist and that might help you achieve a milestone in your career.

Cybersecurity certifications are just right for saving you time and energy by demonstrating to you the effective way of implementing repeatable, relatable, valuable, and comprehensive processes that are specific to your institution and role. You would be able to perform your job responsibilities with confidence and also, real-world exercises for application in effective Information Security Programs.

The CompTIA Power for Getting into Cybersecurity

The CompTIA pathway for Cybersecurity is effective in helping IT professionals in achieving mastery and expertise in Cybersecurity. The comprehensive approach would help in establishing the core knowledge and skills necessary for fulfilling any Cybersecurity function and role. It provides the right foundation for all intermediate-level Cybersecurity jobs

You may opt for CompTIA Security+ for validating your foundational skills required for performing core Cybersecurity responsibilities and functions. This includes performance-based questions and focuses on the practical skills utilized by junior penetration testers/IT auditor, systems administrators, security administrators, and network administrators.

After achieving CompTIA Security+ certification, dedicated cybersecurity professionals may pursue CySA+ or the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst.

It examines the skills necessary for applying behavioral analytics effectively to networks for enhancing the overall condition of IT security. This Cybersecurity certification would be covering tools like packet sniffers, SIEM or security information and event management and IDS or intrusion detection systems.

The progression straightaway from CompTIA Security+ right up to the CompTIA CySA+ seems to be logical as Security+ examines the KSAs or the ‘knowledge, skills, & abilities’ an IT professional must possess post couple of years in the field of Cybersecurity, and CySA+ would be assessing the skills achieved post three to almost four years of professional Cybersecurity fieldwork experience.

Post CompTIA CySA+, IT professionals could be pursuing CASP or ‘CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner’ for establishing their mastery and expertise in Cybersecurity skills needed at the post 5 to 10 years of experience. CASP is regarded as the pinnacle of all existing Cybersecurity certifications. The best thing is that this certification would be including some important performance-based questions.

Some FAQs about CompTIA Cybersecurity Certifications

What Do You Understand by ‘CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway’?

The pathway has been designed for assisting people to enter the amazing world of Cybersecurity. IT professionals could start their career in Cybersecurity anytime as per his existing certifications, IT experience & expertise, the course of study etc. For instance, if an individual has a couple of years of experience in IT security, you may straightaway get into CompTIA Security+, or you may alternatively enroll in CompTIA CySA+ etc.

Are these certifications to be taken in order?

No. this is just a recommended pathway, not a compulsory requirement. Candidates may simply skip CySA+ and straightaway start CASP if they are not interested in sharpening their IT security analyst abilities and skills. Everything must depend on your interests and job requirements. Some candidates may opt for CompTIA Network+ even before taking CompTIA A+ simply because that’s exactly the way their precise class schedule actually worked out. Generally speaking, the CompTIA career pathway actually is known to follow a specific hierarchy of skills that are required for IT security; we know that each certification would be building upon the skills and expertise from the earlier one.

Can I take all these certification exams without any Cybersecurity or IT experience?

Yes, you may. Several academic institutions are known to base their courses in Information Technology on CompTIA certifications that are part of associate, diplomas, bachelors or master’s degrees. We know that CompTIA certifications would be reflecting the present job roles of different IT professionals. You could consider earning these valuable certifications for gaining the hands-on-skills and in-depth knowledge presently being utilized in the workforce irrespective of your job experience.


The recommended and popular CompTIA Career Pathway in Cybersecurity would be providing valuable guidance for the IT professionals, students, instructors, and employers. You may join and start wherever and whenever it makes sense, as per important factors like your job requirements, personal background, or precise course of study. The CompTIA career pathway is regarded as unique as it provides vendor-neutral skills meant for IT professionals for achieving mastery and expertise in Cybersecurity right from the beginning till the end.

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