Working from home has become reality for most of us in 2020. While working from home was already on the rise, the COVID-19 crisis has pushed it to new heights. Complete organisations are now working from home and start to see the advantages. No more commuting, time with the family and increased productivity. Although there are many benefits, some of us do miss the office. We have some tips to create an office experience at home provided by

How to create an office at home?

We all know that office equipment can be quite expensive. Especially when you want to have an ergonomic chair and height adjustable desks. However, with the rise of home offices, we can expect to see these prices drop. Additionally, employers are increasingly willing to sponsor employees in purchasing equipment. When looking at companies that have been used to remote working, this concept has already been existing for years. New employees get several hundreds of euros or dollars to buy a suitable desk, chair and monitor(s). 

Create your own corner

Some people have the luxury of a separate room to use as an office, but others do not. How can you still create an office experience? Research by shows that it helps to dedicate a small area of your living room or bedroom to become an office. Purchase office furniture such as a desk, ergonomic chair and other equipment. With this new dedicated space, you create a clear demarcation between living and working. Once you are done with your work, consider to remove the desk and monitors. Hereby your mind perceives the work day as being over and you can enjoy your living room area again.

Once you have a dedicated space, consider changing it on e.g. a monthly basis. Moving it from one corner to the other helps you get energised by a new setting. This is a simply trick that almost sounds too simple, but it does work.

Shared office space

If you want to create a physical distance between the office and home, shared office spaces could be something for you. These locations offer flexible working spaces for freelances, employers and employees. You can easily take a monthly subscription and visit the offices whenever you feel like it. Hereby you can work remotely for your company and still enjoy the office feeling. These shared office spaces are well equipped with e.g. meeting chairs from

What determines your productivity?

Working from home did pose a lot of challenges. On the contrary, it also helped is become way more productive. research shows that there is more time to concentrate and work in silence, allowing for increased productivity in terms of output. This, however, can only be achieved when you have the right ergonomics in place. An office chair that is ergonomically designed and keeps you in an upright position is a factor of importance. Having monitors that are on eye’s height also help you to stay alert and prevent a stiff neck. Consider these elements and stay productive in any office, including your bedroom!

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