One bamboo farmer learned the value of patience after he planted bamboo seeds.

He was a poor farmer with very little to feed his family. In hopes of better days, he obtained bamboo seeds. He knew the seeds would take time to mature into the bamboo, but he didn’t know how long. To provide for his family he planted the seeds in faith.

Every day the farmer tended his bamboo seeds.

One years passed, then two, then three. Yet, no signs surfaced from the soil to tell him the bamboo seeds were growing.

The people in the village watched him tending the soil.  They thought the farmer lost his mind. And told him so. But he kept on tending his bamboo seeds.  Watering them every day.

Four years passed and the farmer kept watering and tending to the seeds.  Still, no sign of the bamboo came. He began to doubt himself. Maybe, he’d done something wrong. Not enough water or nutrients.

Finally, when the fifth year came, he’d almost given up.  The people in the village no longer teased him. They spoke under their breath about him and his unlucky bamboo.

One morning he went to the field where he’d planted the bamboo to water one last time. It was then the farmer began to scream and shout for joy.

The bamboo was growing. He could see them coming from the ground. He could almost see them growing right before his eyes. Before long the emerging bamboo plant had grown 90 ft tall. He harvested and reaped the benefits for his family.

From the strong roots which developed over the past five years came more and more bamboo ready to grow.  The farmer not only benefited his family but the generations to come.

The same thing is going on with Colombia’s export cannabis market. Cannabis became legal for medical purposes in Columbia in 2017. Under Columbian Law cannabis cultivators can grow medical marijuana for export. As a result, investors have flocked to the Columbian growing operations.

According to “some $400 million medical cannabis industry over three years” due to the promise of the perfect regional climate and geography for growing the plant.  Now, investors are rushing the green. They’re ready to reap the rewards. But Columbian cannabis producers shouldn’t get impatient.

Columbian cannabis could be the world’s largest supplier of medical cannabis. Not just any medical cannabis will do. Quality medicinal cannabis is the way to grow.

The tougher regulations, tighter security, stricter rules for grow operations, and license requirements help assure quality. This quality standard is necessary for medical cannabis products.

Many see these rigid standards as impediments for the medical cannabis market in Columbia. Uruguay and Chile have looser standards. But it’s still better not to rush the process.

In fact, Columbian medicinal cannabis laws are beneficial to the Columbian industry. And here’s why. . .

  • Protection for medical cannabis consumers – Strict standards for medicinal grade cannabis protect the medical     consumer. They serve as a guarantee the product is good and the country is legit. Having lots of standards protects the quality associated with Columbian cannabis.
  •  Export Market Standards – Export markets like Germany require Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality cannabis. Columbian cannabis must meet or exceed meet the GMP standard for medicinal grade cannabis to supply large export markets with high standards.
  • Good For Columbian Cannabis – Regularly meeting strict standards enables Columbia to come up with their own stamp of quality. A gold seal of Columbian cannabis meaning high quality goods.

The cannabis industry in Columbia is a story of patience. Many rush in, expecting miracles and overnight success. But guarantees of quality don’t happen overnight.

As things smooth out over time we’re going to watch as Columbia achieves its goals to be the largest medicinal marijuana exporter in the world.

We’re all looking forward to the cannabis coming out of Columbia. We know it’s going to be great stuff and well worth the wait. One simply cannot rush quality.

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