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Coal-fired boiler and biomass steam boiler are the same in terms of operation. Both are used to produce thermal energy, but the point where the difference lies is, a coal-fired boiler uses the coal in its combustion process. In contrast, the biomass steam boiler uses biomass(wood, bark, paper waste, husks, poultry waste, and agricultural biomass, etc.) for combustion as a fuel. These two types of boilers are extensively used in power plants, chemicals, textiles, and many other industries that involve energy consumption.

Working Principle

The basic working of the boiler is very easy to understand and explained well for you. The boiler is like a vessel enclosing water inside it. Whereas fuel(coal or biomass) is used for combustion in a separate furnace-like structure to produce gases. These gases are then passed to the boiler to make contact with water, and steam is produced as a result. This steam is then used to run turbines in power plants and many heavy types of machinery in industries.

Performance and Efficiency

These boilers have many attractive and great features for you to consider, such as they have very impacted the design as there is enough passage for circulation of gases and clear vessels to pass water, they can meet the fluctuations in steam’s demand easily and have the very reasonable cost too. These boilers are very easy to operate and safe too. Besides all these benefits, these boilers are designed to minimize environmental pollution to a great extent. The efficiency of a coal-fired boiler is generally greater than 85 percent when used in its best form in an ideal environment, whereas it is ranged from 40% to 45%  when mixed with substances other than the water. Similarly, these biomass steam boilers provide you with more than 82 percent efficiency according to its designed structure. Our products are not only designed to fulfill your uninterrupted energy requirements but also meet standards set by ISO, OHSAS, and ASME. These products are also tested and have got certifications by various heavy machinery boards.

Range of Products

Depending upon your needs and requirements, a wide range of categories in coal-fired boilers and biomass steam boilers is available for you. These products are named with different model numbers, each of which possesses a different specification and serves a specialized purpose. Manufacturing of these products have covered every aspect of thermal energy-producing products from smallest to biggest industrial scales and provide the best possible solution to everyone’s needs. But remember that this build quality and operating mechanism is the best and most advanced available in the market right now.

Customer’s Care Services

You will be provided with the finest quality products and professional installation, and other services. Over years of experience in manufacturing coal-fired boilers and biomass steam boilers at industrial level, these products are delivered worldwide and had become a regular trading essential of  many multinational clients. To meet  client’s demand and to give the best available machine to you, no compromise is made on even a single aspect of constructing a great product from start to end. At the same time, purpose of marketing is to give you a competitive price range for each product which justifies quality and makes these products worthier. Moreover, you will be provided with best after-sales services such as maintenance and any unwanted fault that occurred while running with very cooperative applied terms and conditions to provide you complete satisfaction.

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