Although a lot of brick and mortar retailers are closing down, online shops are doing better than ever. In 2018, the e-commerce fashion industry was worth a staggering $481 billion. In fact, one in five fashion purchases is now made online. If you’re getting ready to shop for designer dresses online, you’re definitely not alone. However, getting the right size and fit for a dress can be tricky if you can’t try it on. Use these tips when buying dresses online.

  1. Get Accurate and Recent Body Measurements

To know how to find dresses that fit, you also have to know your measurements. This isn’t a time to guess at your waist size or use measurements from a few years ago. Use a flexible measuring tape and start with recent, accurate measurements of your waist, hips and bust in order to find dresses that truly fit well.

  1. Don’t Ignore Sizing Charts

Once you have accurate measurements, you can compare your sizes to sizing charts. Most brands supply you with a sizing chart on each product page. If you don’t see one, search the website until it pops up. If you’re buying a dress, focus on waist, hips and bust measurements for the right size and fit.

  1. Check the Labels on Clothing You Already Have and Love

When you’re buying clothes online, you might be shopping at brands you already love. If you already have a designer dress from one brand that fits well, look at the label. Use that size when you’re ready to make your next purchase from the same brand.

  1. Take Notes

When you shop for designer dresses online, take notes. If you buy a dress from one brand that fits perfectly without alterations, write it down in a journal or just on your phone. Keep an ongoing list, because your size may vary depending on the brand. You might wear a size four in one brand, a size six in another and a size medium in another.

  1. Size Up and Tailor to Fit

One of the top tips for buying dresses online is to size up when you’re not sure about the size. If you buy a size too small, there is not much you can do to remedy the situation. If you buy something a little too big, however, you can take the piece to a tailor. A few small and inexpensive alterations will ensure that your purchase fits you perfectly.

  1. Look For Online Reviews

Still struggling to determine the right size for an online clothing purchase? When in doubt, look for online reviews. A quick Google search might tell you whether an item runs small, large or what additional fit information you will need to know.

  1. Shop Where Returns Are Accepted

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to ensure that an item fits exactly the way you want it to. Even with sizing charts and careful measurements, there are always styles and silhouettes that just don’t fit your body. When this happens, you want to have the flexibility of a return. That’s why you always want to shop with an online retailer that offers returns. Even if it takes a few weeks to get your money back, that is preferable to losing out altogether.

  1. Consider Materials When Adding a Dress to Your Cart

If you want to know how to shop online for dresses, start with knowing your materials. Certain dresses might fit perfectly when they arrive, but that fit can change with a few washes. If you’re spending your hard-earned money on a designer dress, make sure it will look great for several wears without a problem. Materials like cotton and silk can shrink slightly in the wash or the dryer, so keep that in mind when choosing sizes.

  1. Use Sizing Apps for Additional Help

With the rise of online shopping comes a number of apps designed to make the process a little easier. Apps like Threadbase or SizeCharter are just two examples of apps that can help you determine your size in a wide range of popular brands. If you know your measurements, or you know what size you are in at least one major brand, you can figure out the rest with ease.

  1. Learn the Lingo

Shop like a pro and make sure you know the common sizing lingo terms. Misses and petite, for example, can indicate a different fit. A junior size might be different than a ladies size. Look for these keywords when you’re making your purchases online.

Buying dresses online can be a great way to save time and pick out the perfect clothing for any event. To make sure the dresses you select fit you perfectly, use these tips throughout the buying process.

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