Everyone loves traditional wooden toys. Not only does a wooden toy look gorgeous compared to awful bits of playthings that clutter up once kids come along, but they’re also more durable and more environmentally-friendly than toys made from plastic.

It’s true that can be expensive when you first bought it, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Adding to its charm and value, a wooden toy if handled well, can be passed down for generations. You cannot say the same to the cheap plastic toys so it’s important to factor in price per play rather than just the cost. Every wooden toys are not the same so you need to make sure that you choose ones that are made from sustainable materials and chemical-free.

Go Back to the Basics with Toys Wooden

Every child benefits much from play and contributes greatly to their holistic development – their thinking, way of handling emotions, learning to socialize, speech and language and physical development. One of the best and most effective ways to have your child engage in play is through wooden toys,

Whether it’s trains, tea sets, carousels, or blocks and whatever their shape or size, wooden toys have a timeless, top-quality appeal. It’s quite special to have a beautifully crafted wooden toy and it also feels so appealing to little (and big) hands. They can also withstand a lot of rough and ready play, even from every succession of siblings.

Wooden Toy Benefits: No Need for Batteries with Toys Wooden

Apart from their character and eco-friendly credentials, one of the best things about wooden toys is the fact that they never run out of batteries. Since toys wooden doesn’t have flashy gadgetry or noisy features, it encourages children to use their imagination while playing. You’ll be glad to get down on the floor alongside your child and enjoy some classic, plastic-free play.

Choose Age-Appropriate Wooden Toy

To get absolute value for your money, choose wood-made toys that is age appropriate for your kids. Also, it is important to always check the label if it uses non-toxic and water-based paint.

Open-ended toys like wooden blocks allows children to develop their ability to grasp objects and manipulate it using their hands. Instead of packing away the blocks after they’re finished playing, leave the unfinished block formation so they don’t need to start from scratch each time and give them a sense of accomplishment.

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