Most kids have watched the Jurassic Park movie. It is one of those movies that hit the headlines and everyone was watching, kids and adults alike. Many kids are actually fixated on the huge dinosaurs they saw in the movie. That is why it’s good idea to gift them with toys from the Jurassic world. Wondering what kind of Jurassic park toys you can give to your kids? Worry no more, in this article I have provided a list of the best and most loved Jurassic park toys. You can be sure your child will be thrilled when you give them one of these as a toy. Check out this website for some more gift ideas;

LEGO Jurassic park velociraptor chase

When it comes to action, this is the right toy. It will keep any kid and even adults entertained all day long. Gone are the days when kids used to play with some boring toys. Jurassic park toys have taken the game to a whole new level. This LEGO set of toys allows you to build a scene from the actual movie if you want to. Afterwards, you can hide the characters from the movie in various locations and let the dinosaur search for them.

Jurassic world Growlers hybrid velociprator

Well, the exciting part of the movie was the terrifying dinosaurs. The kids can recreate any scenes from the Jurassic park movie using this toy set. The set of toys includes growling and munching jaws to make the game look real. This way, it looks like the dinosaur is eating all the things in sight. Furthermore, it consists of a battle damage feature.

Jurassic world attack pack gallimimus

Generally, there are five dinosaur species. In this attack park, the dinosaur used is of the gallimimus species. It is my favorite Jurassic park toy because of all the action that will keep your kids on their toes. As a matter of fact, they will not want to stop playing. This particular species of dinosaur likes to go around feeding on anything it finds in sight. It’s both a thrilling and exciting experience.

Jurassic world battle damage velociprator

This is another one of my favorite and most recommended toys from the Jurassic park. This set comes with a spring-controlled damage panel. This feature is triggered through impact and reveals a small wound. The manufactures did such a good job at this that it almost looks real. When you want to treat or seal the wound, all you have to do is reset the dinosaur. Afterwards, the game can start all over again.

LEGO Jurassic world raptor rampage 75917 building kit

 This LEGO toy set may be a bit pricy compared to the others but it’s definitely worth every coin. It comes with an exclusive building kit that the kids can use to create their own scenes from the movies. In this case, the kit comprises of a tranquilizer gun, a mobile vet, Owens motorcycle, rotating rooftop shooter and a mobile research unit. The kids will require some patience to do the building and set up scenes. However, at the end it pays off considering all the fun.

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