Belgium is the most population-dense and smallest country in Western Europe. This place has many scenic spots and serene beauty that attract tourists. The area stands with the glory of much historical importance and cultural attractions. Belgium represents the blend of Germanic and Romance ethnic backgrounds. The stunning architectural works like Grand place, Gothic town hall, and other buildings add to the mesmerizing views of the location. It is the essential bureaucratic center which hosts the European Union headquarters. Hotels in Belgium offers the visitors priceless experience with a mixture of rich culture, delicious cuisines, and architectural beauty. 

Main attractions in Belgium are:

Grand Place –

This Grand Place is surrounded by buildings of olden glory, where one side dominates the ornate medieval town hall, which is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. The Grand place was selected as one of the Unesco World Heritage sites due to the excellent blend of artistic skills with the architectural styles. In the alternate years in August, the visitors are welcomed with an enormous flower carpet made up of many colorful begonias. 

Horta Museum and town Houses –

This stunning architectural piece is located at the Brussels, and the place was the former home and studio of the well-known architect and designer Victor Horta. The original stain glass, mosaics, woodwork, and decorations are preserved as he designed. This brilliant aesthetic work is made with perfection in design and draws the viewer’s attention.

The Canals and Belfry of Bruges –

The river Rele in the olden days turned into the network of canals connecting to the Zwin estuary and the North Sea. The system of canals has enabled traders to bring goods to the market on a large scale, enjoy the walk through the channels are the sure reminders of Bruges’ history. Tourists are offered to tour in the boats to reach the most picturesque spots in Belgium. 

Ghent’s Gravensteen and Old Town –

This is a substantial, impressive castle which was once the home of the counts of Flanders. The medieval architecture is visible clear cut in the construction of the building, which is preserved in its best condition. The tourists are allowed to enjoy the panoramic views by standing at the rooftop of this fort.

Meuse Valley-

It is the best place in Belgium where the tourists can feel the lush of greenery and dense forests also adds up the beauty of the place. Towns are situated with limestone cliffs at the backdrop. The traveler enjoys hiking and cycling while visiting this place. The scenic view is the best attraction of this valley.

Belgium offers the best destination to spend a perfect vacation remembering the historical period along with alluring architectural structures. Hotels in Belgium provides the best facilities to make the trip more memorable and valuable. The visitors will never want to come out of the magical and cultural beauty of the city.

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