Each national park in the United States is like a separate mini-planet with its own landscapes, laws of nature, and interesting places. Here are the most scenic American parks to help you find the landscapes of your dreams!

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

The geysers and geyser fields are most impressive in Yellowstone. In the park, you should look at the high-altitude volcanic Lake Yellowstone, photograph the graphic silhouettes of dead trees on the thermal springs, and admire the local Grand Canyon – not the same, but also very picturesque!

Just 80 miles from the Yellowstone National Park is the Yellowstone Bear World, a private drive-thru wildlife park where you can visit and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. 

Yosemite, California

In Yosemite, people go to marvel at the variety of landscapes: the park has granite rocks and waterfalls, meadows, and glaciers. You will see the highest waterfall in the United States and the world’s largest granite monolith – El Capitan, admire the cliffs of the Yosemite Valley, visit the groves of giant sequoias, admire the Tuolumne meadows and Dan’s meadows, and photograph the doubled beauty in the reflection of the mirror Lake Mirror.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

horseshoe bend 1908283 1920
horseshoe bend 1908283 1920

The Grand Canyon needs no special introduction: people travel to this national park to see His Majesty the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder of the world. As you admire the breathtaking panoramas of one of the deepest canyons in the world, go on a hike or horseback riding and try rafting.

Rocky Mountain, Colorado

Rocky Mountain is a scenic trekking paradise. In the park, they take pictures and conquer the Rocky Mountains, relax on alpine meadows and catch postcard reflections in the cleanest lakes in the lens.

Death Valley, California, and Nevada

The place with the eerie name Death Valley is America’s driest natural park. The extreme climate gives rise to amazing landscapes: here and Badwater, a ground point 86 m below sea level, sandfish, and contrasting mountain peaks in the background. Meet sunrises and sunsets with an alien view, explore ghost towns, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Hawaii Volcanic National Park, Hawaii

Take pictures of amazing landscapes, go hiking in the topography of the Mauna Loa mega volcano, see ancient petroglyphs, look into a volcanic crater and a cave where lava flowed. This is not an excerpt from an adventure novel but an ordinary weekend in the Hawaiian Volcanic Park.

Zion, Utah

The reddish-bronze Zion Canyon, the picturesque Kolob Canyon, and numerous trekking trails are ideal backdrops for hiking, filming, and just a weekend in stunning natural surroundings.

Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina and Tennessee

In the Great Smoky Mountains, any boardwalk turns into an epic hike as you walk the Appalachian Trail, the longest continuous walking trail in the world! Along the way, admire the views from Mount Klingmans Dom, breathe in the forest air, find the most beautiful waterfalls, explore historic buildings and watch elk and black bears.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

The park beckons to Bryce Canyon: a gigantic natural amphitheater with amazing geological hoodoo formations. These spiky formations are found on all continents, but it is in Bryce Canyon that they are most concentrated – it looks amazing! It is also worth hiking here and admiring the endless starry sky at night; the park even has special astronomical programs for visitors.


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