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It is quite possible to watch great content on the Roku streaming platform without even spending a single dime for a subscription. This platform overflows with plenty of channels with astonishing TV shows, free movies, unique programming content, and many others. In this page, you will come across free Roku channels list right now. Start reading it to get detailed information. 

  1. Crunchyroll

It is one of the topmost anime streaming channels in the US and it is available for free of cost. By paying, customers can able to view ad-free High-definition streams and free-users can able to view the whole package with standard definition but some limited advertisements. You can view hunter x hunter, overload, Naruto, one piece as well as many other TV shows devoid of spending single penny. 

  1. Shout Factory TV

After coming to this channel, stop your work and quickly download this app for installing in your Roku device. Since this channel is completely free, it is a mystery that it offers catalog overflows with various genres like sci-fi, classic horror, and many other entries. More than that, it has subtitled episodes for unique “super sentai series’.  The American studios have modified this show into power rangers at the US. Thus, you will never get bored with seeing shout factory TV.

  1. Crackle

This channel belongs to Sony and it is ad-supported TV service which has massive TV services and excellent Bollywood blockbusters. In addition to that classic shows like “The Karate Kid” and “Talladega Nights”, this channel begins to enter into the field of telecasting original programs as well. The TV series is Start Up, Hook’d, the oath, the snatch is magnificently entertaining slices in the Channel. Though ad turns to be much sometimes it is a free program so need not to annoy more because you are gifted with a wonderful opportunity. 

  1. Popcorn Flix

On the first sight, you might consider Popcorn Flix channel to be just an app of either B or C grade. But on closer examination, it might show you unimaginable treasuries such as John Ford’s “Stagecoach” and Secretary. This channel has surprisingly best horror segment. If you like to explore more from this channel, then there are plenty of things to love. You can come across modernized firms of John Cusack which you have never heard about. 

  1. Viewster

It is the best TV service which is available for free of charge. However, its live-action segment is considerably the terrible “Z-horror films”, as fans who are highly fascinated in this anime series must not hesitate to check this website. The thing which is lacking in the modernized live-action movies is found in the classic anime series such as Lily C.A.T. Brigade, Jin-Roh, Fist of North Star, Wolf Brigade and many others.  Since this live-action segment has a long way to go, view star channel is a quite useful animal source. 

  1. Hoopla

Being the best streaming service, it works with the help of a local library card. The users of Hoopla can able to check-out for 15 movies maximum, records, audiobooks, TV shows, and many others every month within their library card number. Furthermore, this streaming service is not supported for all libraries but the test with Public library of Los Angeles seems to be incredible. 

  1. PBS

Don’t you receive PBS channel over the air? This station has some sort of commitment to share its specific adult content though it tends to create many children shows. You can able to enjoy your desirable PBS shows such as Masterpiece Theater, NOVA, and Frontline for free in wonderful streaming quality. You can happily browse plenty of videos from your Roku channel. 

  1. Sky News

This is one of the needed Roku channels and it offers round-the-clock news of UK plus another part of the globe. With the aid of the award-winning program, the Roku users can get new for free without having to install the cable streaming program. This is a good solution for listening to news taking place around the nook and corner of the world.


Thus, from this article, you might have come to know about 8 important free Roku channels. You can access those channels to spend your leisure time. It is a good option for a budgeted person. The only thing you need to do is connect the Roku streaming box on your television. 

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