In addition to kitchen islands, walk-in closets, and cast-iron bathtubs, an eye-catching fireplace is another item on most homeowners’ wish lists. With so many fireplace designs to pick from, how do you decide which one to buy? There are a lot of fireplace ideas out there, but maybe these eight fireplace ideas will help you narrow down your choices


A fireplace’s classic or contemporary appearance is one of the most noticeable differences between the two. But don’t be deceived into thinking that cross-pollination is impossible. Because of the design elements that gesture towards the past, modern fireplaces may sit peacefully on vintage townhouse properties.

Proof of this can be seen in Laura Hammett’s audacious There’s enough of the past in this classic log-and-wood-fired fireplace to let its contemporary nature mix in with the room’s exquisite paneling and solid wood shutters, even

What’s the most important thing to look for in a modern large electric fireplace. You’ll notice that there is no shelf to be found and that the space is angular with clean lines and a flat For those who still desire separation, consider a textured panel that replicates a stone you’d expect to find in your own home, or a feature wallpaper.


Who says a fireplace’s proportions can’t exceed “standard When it comes to chimney hood rooms, most experts agree that the width of the chimney shouldn’t be too big, as it would look disproportionate to the room’s architecture and result in Other than that, the majority of the time, there is some wall space on either side of the frame.

A larger fireplace will be created if you extend the frame to the chimney hood. Using a dramatic large marble design, David Collins Studio does this to perfection Since as a result, it’s in harmony with the room’s other elements, as it mimics the fireplace’s chest of drawers and lets the artwork hang above to fill in the expected space.


Use more than one material or color to frame the flames. A single material will do that on its own, but the purpose here is to frame the fire itself, not to bring attention to the hearth and mantle. As an alternative, you can go for an onyx black granite extension in addition to a smooth, white-painted plaster mainframe. Helen Green Design, for example, combined accent white stone with a secondary edge of grooved trim in a neutral stone to create a striking effect.


An old-fashioned fireplace is one of the most gorgeous fireplaces a house may have. Very when it comes to an original fireplace or a restoration version that matches the age of the home, this is especially convincing. Napoleonic fireplaces, with their beautiful curved ornamentation, are popular. So is the Georgian fireplace (middle and late period, rather than the early extravagant version), which was less ornately ornamented but still had some reliefs and inlays.

The Regency fireplace, on the other hand, is one of the most Like the schematic, these were much smaller (in keeping with the austere architecture of the time) and had Greek-style columns as jambs and a chimney header with grooves, panels, and Greek or Roman-inspired decorations at each end, precisely like the one in the Lux. There is no doubt about it: The Regency fireplace is what cleared the way for the traditional built-in fireplace design, which has been copied


When does a fire cease to be an As long as it’s not wood? The wood stove has been increasingly popular over the past decade as an alternative to a roaring open fire. It is said to be a more efficient and cleaner way to heat a home and is now being used in beautiful townhomes and loft apartments.

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you’re still entitled to the As Sophie Peckett Design has done, you may dress it up with a ribbed wrapping border. You can also experiment with home tiling, keeping it quiet like Sophie or making a splash with colors and patterns.


According to reports, fireplaces can increase the value of a home, so why limit yourself to only

Even when they aren’t loaded with logs and burning brightly, their remarkable warmth and grandeur transform the ambiance of space for the better. In the living room, don’t just sit and If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere, the dining room and the bedroom are ideal locations


A fire isn’t just about flaming embers, burning fuel, and the On or What you select to display above the fireplace mantel is a component of the fireplace’s “experience.” So, unless you’re going for an ultra-minimalist look, it’s best to have something above the fireplace as a focal point.

It’s possible to decorate with art, but a mirror will urge that your fireplace is even more enticing, as Elicyon Reflecting any light from the flames, the mirror will also reflect light from an attractive pendant that is suspended at the correct height. To put it another way, all of the lights on the chandelier function in harmony.


Black is a common fireplace color. As a result of the soot, charcoal, and burned wood, as well as the iconic black cast iron insert featured in practically every Victorian fireplace, black is inextricably linked to every Whatever the case, choosing black for your fireplace surround is a departure from tradition, and breaking the pattern will not go unnoticed by your neighbors.

To make your fireplace more interesting, Deborah Oppenheimer shows you how to install a sleek black marble hearth. As an alternative to black granite, you might use black-painted plaster, which adds even more intensity to your fireplace’s flames by painting it the same color of black over the entire wall.

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