Did you know the color of your room can affect your mood? If you want some more bedroom decoration ideas, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what bedroom decoration mistakes to avoid.

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  1. Painting Your Room a Bright Color

Intense colors like oranges, yellows, or reds can be too energetic for a bedroom. Instead, you want to pick a color that’s refreshing but won’t keep you awake.

Oranges, yellows, and reds are bright and can keep you awake at night. Blue and gray hues are calming, helping you to drift into a deep sleep.

If you don’t love gray or blue, consider neutral or earth tones to create a peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Forgetting to Balance the Room

A traditional setup in a bedroom includes having your bed in the middle, with two side tables. Yet, having the furniture pushed to one wall will make the entire room feel off-balance.

The opposite side of the room will feel empty. Aim to create a balanced feel to the room. You could create a reading nook on the other side of the room. Consider adding extra furniture there or a massive mirror.

Add a few accessories, as well. Consider placing a bouquet of flowers on your table. Check out these flower meanings, and find the right one for your bedroom.

  1. Not Making Your Room Private

You might like to keep your window uncovered, so the bright sunlight pours into your room. Yet, the neighborhood will have a clear view of your room.

Consider getting sheer drapes instead. This way, your bedroom will remain illuminated but private.

  1. Picking a Small Area Rug

Sometimes, people end up choosing an area rug that’s too small for their space. It’s a common decorating mistake. Most of the furniture should sit on the rug.

If the rug goes beneath the bed, it should extend far enough, so when you slip out of bed, your feet hit the rug.

  1. Using Too Many Accent Pillows

Throw pillows are fantastic decorative pieces in a room. Yet, if you use too many of them on your bed, you’ll end up shoving them to the side before you lay down.

You don’t need to repeat the look at home, even if that’s the way they display the pillows at the store. Pick up a few for your bed, but don’t overcrowd it.

  1. Creating an Overly Decorated Room

You might have a specific theme or vibe you want to capture in your room. But your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and sleep.

Consider creating a sitting space in the corner. You want to enjoy spending time in your room.

  1. Hanging Artwork Too High

If you stand in a room and feel something is off, pay attention to the height of your artwork. When pictures get hung too high, it will change the balance of the room.

Make sure the artwork is eye-level.

Now You Know What Bedroom Decoration Mistakes to Avoid

We hope this guide on bedroom decor was helpful. Now that you know what bedroom decoration mistakes to avoid plan your room redesign. Use these tips to make your room calm and restful.

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